Day: February 3, 2016

Daniel Sloss makes his fifth appearance on Conan

Daniel Sloss cannot watch another Spider-Man movie the same way. And not just because they keep making new Spider-Man movies. No. It’s because Sloss has learned where spiders keep their reproductive organs, and he shared this information in his fifth stand-up performance on Conan, which also is remarkable when you remember that he’s only 25 years old. Sloss also relays the remarkable story of a trip he took to a zoo which had gay penguins, and how he learned those penguins became gay in the first place. Roll the...

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Key and Peele will improvise live commentary during Super Bowl 50 for Squarespace

Talk about counter-programming. Squarespace hired Key & Peele — aka Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele — to provide live running commentary throughout Super Bowl 50 while playing the roles of aspiring sportscasters Lee and Morris this Sunday. Only they’re not going to talk about the actual football game. Or say the word football?!? Their live improv show kicks off Sunday on Squarespace’s Real Talk website. Although already there’s plenty of pre-game GIFs and more to catch. Quotes from the official announcement: “We’re thrilled to work with Squarespace on our first-ever Super Bowl spot. It was important for us to...

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R.I.P. Bob Elliott (1923-2016), of Bob & Ray duo, and patriarch of three generations of Elliott comedians

Robert Elliott’s father worked insurance, his mother in antique refinishing. Born on March 26, 1923, and living in the Boston suburbs┬áduring the Great Depression, could Fred and Gail Elliott ever have imagined that their son Bob would grow up to become half of a legendary comedy radio duo, then father to a cult classic comedian and grandfather to two rising comedic actresses? Yet Bob Elliott did just that, until he died Tuesday at his home in Maine from throat cancer. He was 92. With Ray Goulding, Bob and Ray first wowed listeners on the radio airwaves in Boston in...

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