Day: January 28, 2016

Brad Wenzel on Conan

“I wear a lot of flannel, ’cause I’m pretty butch for a lady.” Or because he’s the weak paper towel version of Brawny. Find out more about young Brad Wenzel from his first stand-up comedy performance on Conan. He was a finalist for the “Conan Just Sayin Contest” back in 2012, and he’s made it now in 2016. Roll the...

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JB Smoove recollects his rejected SNL pitches for Seth Meyers

For as much as we think we know about the making of each Saturday Night Live episode, we still don’t get to see the magic of those early Monday pitch meetings, when the cast and writers meet with that week’s host and offer up ideas for sketches. I imagine JB Smoove would have been great at those, working the room and illustrating his premises to full effect. Smoove was a writer when Seth Meyers was there during the early 2000s, and on Wednesday night’s Late Night with Seth Meyers, Meyers asked Smoove to recall and re-pitch some of his...

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Episode #56: Roy Wood, Jr.

When Roy Wood Jr. started interning in morning radio and working in his native Birmingham, Ala., he initially thought he might be the next Ricky Smiley. Wood’s determination and hustle, as well as his talent for prank calls, led him on a slightly different path slowly but surely up the show business ladder. From MC and feature in one comedy club after another through the South, Wood built up his brand and his comedy material, and by 2010, he was ready for Last Comic Standing, where he finished third in the NBC contest’s seventh season. After a year of...

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