Day: December 17, 2015

Seeso, Say So: A sneak peek at the newest comedy streaming platform

The year 2016 may just be the year we’re all convinced to stop watching TV the traditional way, and Seeso will go a long way in convincing comedy fans to do just that — if they haven’t already. Seeso, NBCUniversal’s new digital comedy streaming platform, officially launches Jan. 7, 2016, charging $3.99 for an ad-free selection of new funny series and an array of archived classics. But it’s already available for a free Beta test this month. And from what I’ve seen onscreen and live as an audience member from upcoming projects, it’s worth the test drive and price...

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Reliving “The Great American Dream Machine,” on PBS from 1971-1972, and now on DVD

Four years before Saturday Night Live, and three years before Monty Python’s Flying Circus would land on this side of the pond, New York City’s public television station Thirteen put a spotlight on great young comedians and actors who’d become ready for primetime soon enough. A pastiche of patriotic medleys played as animation the likes of Terry Gilliam would likely have approved danced across the screen, displaying not just racial harmony, but also having an Army soldier’s gun shoot flowers instead of bullets. The first pair of faces we saw on this what-is-this-show are miming or lip-syncing their mouths...

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Comedian To Do List: Men vs. Women, by Sara Schaefer

The only thing more striking about Sara Schaefer’s recent Twitter photo of the differences between men and women in stand-up comedy today (circa 2015)? Reading her @replies and the outlandishly sexist men and mansplainers trying to set her supposedly straight. Which, of course, only reinforces her point. If you cannot make out the handwriting… MALE COMIC TO DO LIST Be funny. FEMALE COMIC TO DO LIST be funny be pretty but not TOO pretty!!! be feminist. but not TOO feminist! make sure all your ideas will appeal to a male audience as well. don’t make fun of your body...

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“Oh, Hello” has its moment as Gil Faizon and George St Geegland draw rave Off-Broadway reviews, big names and hit “Late Night” TV

In this age of “Too Much TV,” we’re also here in New York City living in the age of Too Much Tuna. Gil Faizon and George St. Geegland are peaking. Their Off-Broadway run at the Cherry Lane Theatre has drawn rave reviews from The New York Times and other comedians, Faizon and Geegland are pranking big-name celebrities and New Yorkers onstage nightly (Jon Hamm, Ray Kelly, Richard Kind, Seth Meyers among their early victims), and last night, the Upper West Side characters inhabited by comedians John Mulaney and Nick Kroll appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers and riffed...

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Episode #44: Tony V

Today’s guest is Tony V, a local legend of the Boston comedy scene, headlining steadily and keeping up with the new kids since stand-up first stood out in Boston in the 1980s. His first big break came wrestling with suitcases as the American Tourister gorilla, his first onscreen turn as himself co-starring with his longtime friend Bobcat Goldthwait in One Crazy Summer. His more recent credits include Showtime’s Brotherhood, FX’s Louie and the big-screen hit, The Heat. His scene was so funny he was asked back by Paul Feig and Katie Dippold for one more even crazier summer in...

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