Day: December 10, 2015

Sacha Baron Cohen brings back Borat to promote new Sacha Baron Cohen movie, “The Brothers Grimsby,” on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Things I didn’t think I would see after 10 years. My wife. Excuse me: “My wife!” Sacha Baron Cohen resurrected his popular Borat character to make a surprise appearance on Wednesday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, only so he could introduce Cohen’s next movie, a spy parody called The Brothers Grimsby. The film, out March 2016, co-stars Cohen and Mark Strong (Kingsmen: The Secret Service; Low Winter Sun) as brothers who get separated at an early age. Strong grows up to become an international hit man. Cohen’s character? Not so much, of anything, really. Hilarity ensues when the brothers are...

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Moody McCarthy on Conan

How many McCarthys in comedy would you guess live in the New York City neighborhood of Astoria? Well, Moody McCarthy may live near me and be a funny stand-up comedian, but those are the only ways we’re related. That I know of. Moody is from Syracuse, where as he joked on Wednesday’s Conan, they “eat themselves sober.” He and his wife — whom he met online — recently welcomed a baby daughter. Her name? “Cheap applause.” Roll the clip for the rest of his set! What do you do if you and your sibling end up on a “Kiss...

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Dulce Sloan wins 12th annual StandUp NBC diversity showcase, talent deal

Congrats to Dulce Sloan, named winner of the 12th annual StandUp NBC (formerly called Stand-Up For Diversity) contest, and with it, a talent holding deal with NBC. Former contest winner Tone Bell (NBC’s Truth Be Told, and just added to the cast of The CW’s The Flash) hosted the showcase finals at the Hollywood Improv. Other finalists for 2015: Alex Sparling, Alvin Irby, Christina Galston, Ian Aber, Jesus Sepulveda, Orlando Leyba, Trenton Davis and Randy Syphax. “I am very blessed to have this opportunity,” said Sloan. “I’d like to thank my mother and NBC for embracing me and my...

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2016 Golden Globe nominations in comedy (and music)

Two things to keep in mind whenever we discuss the Golden Globes. One: The Globes love to call first dibs on TV series and the performers in them, laying claim to star-making to the point of routinely snubbing those same series and performers in their second seasons (also see: the ceremony’s annual Miss Golden Globe tradition, now including Misters, to glorify nepotism and the children of movie stars). Two: The Hollywood Foreign Press Association loves who they love, or rather which stars love them back, sometimes elevating foreign-born actors and actresses or the biggest stars who partake in their...

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