Day: September 4, 2015

Taste & Sensibility, or How Soon is Too Late? from Joe Randazzo’s “The Definitive Guide to an Unpredictable Career in Comedy” (book excerpt)

You’ve seen so many comedians making it big in the 2010s via stand-up comedy, via Twitter, via YouTube, heck even via Vines and Instagrams. You’ve seen so many comedians writing books about their lives and careers. But where’s the book that’ll tell you how to make it in comedy? Joe Randazzo, former editor of The Onion, and currently head writer of @midnight on Comedy Central, certainly knows what he’s talking about when he spells it out for you in his new book, “Funny On Purpose: The Definitive Guide to an Unpredictable Career in Comedy.” I’d type that even if he didn’t...

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Writing what they know: The art of the comedy book, and the booming collection of comedian memoirs

Why are there so many more books by comedians about their lives as comedians than seemingly ever before? Perhaps it’s another sign of boom times. The usual gimmicky joke books for bathroom reading, Dave Barry columns and newspaper comic-strip collections have had to make space over the past few years in the comedy section of your local bookstore, which has blossomed with an array of memoirs from comedians. When Steve Martin’s “Born Standing Up” came out in 2008, it was still a wild and crazy idea for a comedian to tell his or her story to starkly in book form. Other...

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