Month: August 2015

Jon Stewart reminisces with Louis CK about The Comedy Cellar in final Daily Show guest segment

Jon Stewart welcomed Louis CK as his final official guest on The Daily Show for his penultimate episode on Comedy Central on Wednesday night, and the two comedians quickly began reminiscing about their younger days at the Comedy Cellar, and even just last Wednesday night at the Cellar. Here is their extended conversation. This is the part they cut from the broadcast, all of which pertains to their time at the Comedy Cellar and keeping coming back to stand-up comedy. They improvise some jokes in the conversation, but their retelling of last week’s rendevous at the Cellar and above...

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Last Comic Standing, Season 9: Invitationals, Part Two

For its second week of Invitationals action, Last Comic Standing headed straight to the jokes. No time for build-up. No time for filler. We’ve got dozens of comedians to sorta see and show you enough of them to want to see more of at least some of them later this summer! Which means far less banter, far fewer profiles of the comedians competing in this hour for your attention and NBC’s cash prizes. Francisco Ramos was born in Venezuela and lives in L.A., “which makes me Mexican.” Man, that’s such a common joke that Carlos Mencia stole it from someone...

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Comedians rally to help “New Face” Julio Torres remain a comedy face in America

Julio Torres, a Space Prince on Tumblr and a “New Face of Comedy” in Montreal last month, is in danger of losing his privileges to keep his funny face and the rest of him in the United States. “I have a bit of a problem,” wrote Torres, an El Salvador native, to friends and fans this morning. “I need to raise money to pay for pricey immigration expenses that would ensure I keep living in the United States. And I need to start that process like, now. Please please consider donating if you like me, my work, or generally...

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Gary Vider survives Judges Cut on America’s Got Talent 2015

Gary Vider could use some money. And I don’t mean that in a he-walks-dogs-in-my-neighborhood kind of way, although that’s true, too — the comedian explained in his “Judges Cut” set on Tuesday’s episode of America’s Got Talent that earning $11,000 a year in comedy means the government doesn’t need your money as much as you need it. Which lends itself, so to speak, to some drastic measures. Thankfully for Vider, he’s moving on to the live elimination rounds which start next week on NBC from Radio City Music Hall. That puts him one step closer to the $1 million...

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Watch the trailer for “Crash Test,” the stand-up special on a party bus with Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel

“Paul Scheer and I made a comedy special on a moving bus. A lot of people got killed of course.” That’s what Rob Huebel says, but of course, the name of their weekly comedy showcase at the UCB Theatre in Hollywood is called CRASH TEST. And so, too, is this special they filmed on a party bus that rolled through Los Angeles. It’ll be available exclusively on Vimeo on Aug. 18. Roll the trailer, er party bus, trailer of the party bus! Show description: “It’s a fast-paced improvised ride with standup on the street, an “exclusive” tour of celebrities...

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