Day: August 25, 2015

Meet Me In New York: Joe Zimmerman

(Photo of Joe Zimmerman by Mindy Tucker) What do they say about New York City: There are eight million stories, and sometimes it seems as though eight million of the people telling them think they’re comedians? No, that’s not it. It is a fact, though, that America’s biggest city is also its biggest comedy mecca. Hollywood may be Hollywood, but New York City is where comedians are born funny, become funny or arrive to thrust their funny upon us. I think we should meet some of these people. This is a recurring feature, a mini-profile of newcomers, up-and-comers and...

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R.I.P. Jimmy Gunn

Comedians of and from San Francisco convened on Sunday night at the Punchline to remember Jimmy Gunn, who died earlier this month. Gunn was 50. There’ll be another tribute event on Wednesday in Sunnyvale at Rooster T. Feather’s to #BeMoreJimmy. But who was Jimmy Gunn? A young Andy Kaufman, sounding like a young Bobcat Goldthwait, forever young at heart, despite dealing with health problems for most of his life, from dialysis to liver cancer — Gunn took eight years off from comedy in his 30s after a kidney transplant — before coming back to remain a force within the...

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R.I.P. Bob Seibel

Bob Seibel was a fixture in the Boston comedy scene for decades, performing even into his 70s, when his signature bit about elderly drivers was now about his peer group. Seibel may not have performed as regularly in recent years, and when he did, it was in the suburbs — which I must figure as the only reason I never met him in the two-plus years I lived there and worked at the Boston Herald, although every comedian from three generations who came up in the scene there had only the nicest things to say about him. And they...

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