Day: August 3, 2015

An oral history of the making of The Aristocrats movie, 10 years later

“The Aristocrats!” the punchline to an old myth of a joke that few people knew or had even heard of, became an instant classic film 10 years ago this month when Paul Provenza and Penn Jillette convinced dozens of their famous funny friends to tell their own distinctly dirty and unique versions of the joke. Fellow comedy journalist Julie Seabaugh¬†takes us back down memory lane in a new oral history of The Aristocrats for Desert Companion (which only begs for an actual oral version for us to listen to, right?!?).¬†Seabaugh talked with Jillette and Provenza, cameraman Emery Emery, Gilbert...

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Here’s that “True Comedian” parody of “True Detective” you were expecting?

The second season of HBO’s True Detective miniseries anthology takes place in the pits of despair just south of downtown Los Angeles, and so, why wouldn’t there already be a parody centered on the comedy business? This is True Comedian. Written by Andy Kozol and Brian Moreno, featuring Kozel, Moreno, Roy Wood Jr., Lissy Smith, Sean Carrigan, Amir K, Robert Vertrees, John Chanes, Katherine Wallace. Roll...

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Episode #9: Ron Funches

Ron Funches knows he’s a giggly teddy bear, but how much do you know about Ron Funches? Since moving from Portland, Ore., to Los Angeles, Funches has found success as a writer, actor and stand-up comedian, with roles on Comedy Central’s Kroll Show, IFC’s Portlandia, and now as Shelly — one of the seemingly undateable regulars on the sitcom Undateable, which starts its third season in the fall of 2015 with a full slate of live primetime episodes on NBC. Funches recently shaved his beard to play a prostitute in a scene for Bruce Willis’s upcoming movie, Going Under....

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Russell Howard on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Russell Howard is one of them thar British blokes that done found himself in America now, and he’s here to tell us that the Brits don’t hoot and holler nor whoop like Americans do. What makes him whoop it up is a solid prank against his mum, who doesn’t seem to understand the rules of his games. Here he is, telling tales on Friday’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Roll the...

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Michael Kosta on Late Night with Seth Meyers

Michael Kosta worries that his first name isn’t memorable enough, but as he relates in this performance from Thursday’s Late Night with Seth Meyers, it runs in the family. The kind of family that celebrates half-birthdays. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Unlike a destination wedding. That’s a once in a lifetime thing, right? Roll the...

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