Day: June 30, 2015

Kurt Braunohler’s “The Love Butt Tour” for Comedy Central

Last summer, comedian Kurt Braunohler jet-skiied the Mississippi River to raise money for charity and filmed it all for a Comedy Central webseries. For his latest tricked-out summer tour for Comedy Central, Braunohler is driving what appears to be a giant butt across the country. As he explained this morning: “Today I will begin driving a butt across the United States of America. It is a large butt. It is 14-feet tall, 15-feet long, 8-feet wide and weighs 1600 lbs. It’s actually a double butt. It’s got a butt on both sides. A front butt and a back butt....

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R.I.P. Jack Carter (1922-2015)

Before anyone else could claim to be “the pit bull of comedy,” before anyone else turned anger directly into laughs, Jack Carter stood tall amongst all comers in the comedy game, ever ready with a bitter supply of hilarious one-liners and bits. Carter died over the weekend at his home in Beverly Hills from respiratory failure. He had just turned 93. Here Carter was talking about a 1989 Friars Club Roast and a beef he had with the Roastmaster, Milton Berle. Nobody did angry quite so funny as Carter. Comedy historian Kliph Nesteroff circulated several quotes from Carter’s reminisces...

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Not in on the joke? Rich Vos, Legion of Skanks hoodwinked by Zach Broussard’s “Top 1000 Comics of 2014” list

All lists ranking or otherwise grouping the funniest and/or hottest comedians are inherently biased — subject to the whims of the list-maker. And yet, online media outlets continue to pump out the lists, in part because comedians remain so driven by ego and insecurity that they’ll certainly share any list that includes them to all of their friends and fans via social media networks. Make your list longer, that merely widens the potential clickbait audience for it. So at the end of 2014, comedian Zach Broussard parodied the form by blowing it up, posting his own “Top 1000 Comedians...

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