Day: May 15, 2015

Three hours of Dan Nainan interviewed by his comedy critics

This is some deep-level inside baseball comedy feuding, so before I even begin to explain Dan Nainan to you, I’m just going to leave this here for you to see and here. Three hours and 20 minutes of Nainan appearing on Patrick Melton’s Nobody Likes Onions podcast, talking about a handful of comedians who hate him, refusing to disclose his age, claiming he doesn’t know who Whitney Cummings, and denying he bribed Marc Maron to appear on his WTF podcast, as well as ripping off Russell Peters by creating a dummy website. And that’s just in the first 90...

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Bill Cosby skirts the question when Good Morning America asks him to address rape allegations

Good Morning America and ABC News reporter Linsey Davis sat down with Bill Cosby and the Black Belt Community Foundation, who had invited Cosby to Alabama to talk to students and about education needs near Selma. Davis asked Cosby how he’d approach any backlash from students or the community, seeing as how upward of 40 women have come forward now alleging that the legendary comedian had raped them in separate incidents spanning decades. “Are you guilty? Did you do it? Are the allegations true?” Cosby’s reply: “I am prepared to tell this young person the truth about life. I’m...

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