Day: April 29, 2015

Tips for Storytellers and Stand-ups Who Want to Sell a Book

For the last decade I have been a publishing drone by day (Editorial Assistant to start, then steps up the ladder over the years to my current job as a Managing Editor) and Stand-up Comedian and Storyteller by night (I can sleep when I’m dead!).  Two years ago, I added Author to my resume when my collection of humorous essays, The New Rules for Blondes: Highlights from a Fair-Haired Life, was published by It Books/HarperCollins.  After the release of my book, a lot of storytellers and stand-ups asked if they could take me out for drinks and ply me...

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Hulu acquires entire library of Seinfeld episodes

Jerry Seinfeld turns 61 today. Hulu brought Seinfeld out to tell advertisers today that the streaming service had paid Sony Pictures Television a reported $700,000 per episode to be your exclusive online source for the entire nine-season run of Seinfeld, which aired 180 episodes on NBC back in the 1990s. Happy Birthday, Seinfeld! “You can watch the show whenever you want,” Seinfeld said at Hulu’s Newfront Upfronts presentation today. “I mean you could just put the DVD in, but I guess no one wanted to do...

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R.I.P. “The Riv,” The Riviera Comedy Club in Las Vegas, Nevada

The Riviera Comedy Club died tonight* after fighting a lengthy battle with economics. The club is survived by hundreds of mourning comics: Some great, some hacks, some geniuses, some frauds, some journeymen and women, some who became successful, some who did not, some who went on to write TV and blockbuster films, and some who went on to write bad checks. A few nights ago, many of us who worked “The Riv” got together in Vegas for a final send-off. It was an opportunity to pay respects and tell stories and an opportunity to get one last complimentary watered-down beverage, courtesy...

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David Letterman’s exit interview with The New York Times

Six big takeaways from Dave Itzkoff’s sit-down with David Letterman for The New York Times as Letterman approaches his final month as a late-night TV host (and for a seventh, how about this photo from Damon Winter that reveals Letterman has wall of stacked paper cups along his dressing-room mirror representing every show he’s hosted over the years!): 1) Letterman secured his place as an innovator and godfather of weird late-night TV out of necessity, because his bosses at NBC and particularly The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson didn’t want a carbon-copy talk show at 12:30 a.m. ET/PT. “A...

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