Day: April 25, 2015

Cecily Strong’s speech at the 2015 White House Correspondents Dinner

President Barack Obama has proven himself so great at delivering his remarks each year at the White House Correspondents Dinner, the only reason you hear about the comedian delivering the keynote after him is when he or she bombs. Which means Cecily Strong did great! Especially considering she entered the evening with slightly unknown expectations — relative to past speakers, Strong doesn’t have a stand-up comedy background, and only appeared as a Weekend Update co-anchor for a hot minute on Saturday Night Live. Strong helped her cause by making plenty of jokes at her own expense and the Washington...

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Jerry Seinfeld’s last David Letterman appearance pays tribute to his first

If Jerry Seinfeld’s stand-up material on Friday night’s Late Show with David Letterman felt more than a bit dated, maybe even overdone, that’s because it most certainly was both of those things. In fact, Seinfeld had dug into his own archives and relearned the set he performed when he first appeared on Late Night with David Letterman three decades earlier, on another network! It does remain true, however, when we turn on the local TV news and watch the weather report, we still just want to know what clothes we’re supposed to be wearing. Roll the clip. Here are...

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