Day: April 13, 2015

Madonna on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Yes, Madonna, as in Madonna. For reasons yet to be explained, Madonna decided to make her stand-up comedy debut on Thursday night’s Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Unless you want to just take the music idol at her word for it when she told Fallon that she fancied herself as “kinda a closet comedian.” Maybe keep it in the closet, Madonna! Oh! Whoa! Check me out, putting music idol Madonna in her place! I’m edgy! No. Not edgy at all. Actually. Let’s put this in perspective. Madonna has more than three decades of experience and exposure in the most...

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Joe Zimmerman on Conan

Stand-up comedian Joe Zimmerman thought he was doing well for himself, until he Googled himself and found out what all of the other Joe Zimmermans have been up to — all 400 of them on LinkedIn. Google also had something to say about his spirit animal, even though that’s not the question he had asked. Google is so snoopy and judgmental. Why so snoopy, Google? This is from Zimmerman’s performance on Thursday night’s Conan. Roll the clip! You can hear more from this Joe Zimmerman on his 2014 stand-up comedy album, “Smiling at...

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Keith Alberstadt on Late Night with Seth Meyers

College kids sometimes mix up their real history with their mythos, while New Yorkers can get annoyed much faster at real-life problems than people elsewhere, like the friend who told Keith Alberstadt to get his asthma together. “I’m not addicted to asthma,” Alberstadt counters. “I have an inhaler. Not willpower and a sponsor.” Also, if you’re comparing your tattoos to children, make sure you know which conversation you’re listening to first. This is from his performance on Thursday night’s Late Night with Seth Meyers. Roll the...

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SNL #40.18 RECAP: Host Taraji P. Henson, musical guest Mumford and Sons

Taraji P. Henson’s breakout performance in the new FOX hit Empire means I can no longer be selfish enough to think my crush on her is special or unique, because you all have wised up to the game. That includes you, Saturday Night Live. Henson would make light of this in her monologue as she hosted SNL this past weekend, which also saw Hillary Clinton finally re-enter the race for the White House. Henson was a great host. Was it a great SNL, though? That depends upon how you want to define it. Certainly a missed opportunity just on...

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