Day: April 2, 2015

America Meet World: Satire already has gone global

While a packed SXSW convention center ballroom listened last month to Jimmy Kimmel walk down the memory lane of his life and TV career, a group of foreign-born comedians in a smaller room gave a more global and increasingly more relevant take on what’s happening in America and the world today, and telling us how they joke about it. And more of us are watching and listening. Last year, John Oliver transformed late-night TV satire in America with his incisive long-form investigations on HBO with Last Week Tonight. Last week, James Corden took over The Late Late Show on...

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First sneak peek at season nine of NBC’s Last Comic Standing

NBC wrapped up a meet-and-greet with the media for its summer 2015 programming, which meant for every awkward Q-and-A banter, we were treated to new video clips. Which means our first look at the “Invitationals” footage already shot with the Top 100 comedians competing in this summer’s ninth season of Last Comic Standing. Which means new host Anthony Jeselnik, looking dapper and host-like; Norm Macdonald, quick with the quips and critical barb; Roseanne Barr, with a newly shorn blond crop top hairdo; Keenen Ivory Wayans, holding it down on his end of the judges table. And so many comedians!...

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Explaining what defamation means for comedians, by lawyer-turned-comedian Matt Ritter

Lawyer-turned-comedian/producer Matt Ritter sent me this video today, which is not “legal advice” as he points out, but rather some points of clarification regarding defamation law. Which might come in handy for comedians who may or may not land themselves in proverbial hot water over jokes they’ve told and/or written and/or typed. Or as Ritter described it for┬áhis YouTube upload: “In light of recent events where one comedian may have defamed another comedian for no reason whatsoever, I thought it would be helpful so we all know how to avoid it. Not being an a*shole is probably the easiest...

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It’s not “Mr. Show,” it’s “With Bob and David” on Netflix!

Bob Odenkirk and David Cross got the old Mr. Show writers together over the winter to create some new comedy mischief. Whether that becomes an official Mr. Show reunion special or not, Bob and David will be making new sketches for your televised viewing pleasure in 2015, and they’ll be making it for Netflix. Netflix announced today it has ordered With Bob and David, consisting of four half-hour episodes and one hourlong “making of” special. Odenkirk currently stars in AMC’s Better Call Saul, while Cross already has a Netflix affiliation with the ongoing resurrection of Arrested Development. Here’s the...

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Billy on the Street with David Letterman

“What’s David Letterman going to do next?” Who better to ask that question of random pedestrians passing by than Billy Eichner, host of Billy on the Street. So Eichner did just that, with Letterman by his side. You saw part of it last night on Late Show with David Letterman. See the rest of it now with Funny or Die. The correct answer, of course: Whatever Dave wants to do. Although you imagine he’d be just as happy following his idol, the late great Johnny Carson, into the sunset of retirement, kicking back on his Montana ranch and traveling...

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