Month: March 2015

The Final Edition presents, “Secret Diaries of a Terrorist,” first in a satirical webseries

If you thought this weekend’s Saturday Night Live sketch about a college-aged daughter joining ISIS crossed some lines, then just wait until you see what satirical publication The Final Edition already has produced in a new video called “Secret Diaries of a Terrorist.” The almost 8-minute sketch, which doubles as a pilot presentation, stars Egyptian-American stand-up comedian Ahmed Ahmed as the titular terrorist, Mustafa, in a broad family sitcom setting and an over-the-top laugh track. Qurrat Ann Kadwani plays “7th Wife,” Jenn Dodd and Liana Afuni play “Daughters 49 and 48,” Ryan Jackson plays “Legitimate Son,” and J. Lemish...

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60 Minutes profile of Larry David

Larry David starred in a fictional Broadway production as part of his HBO series, Curb Your Enthusiasm, but he’s really starring on Broadway for the first time this month in a play he wrote that’s already a box-office smash, Fish in the Dark. And so, Charlie Rose got David to sit down — but not stop chewing gum, apparently — for a 60 Minutes interview and profile. Rose spent the first part of the segment trying to pin down David on who he really is, making the case on David’s behalf that he couldn’t possibly be the jerk he...

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Owen Benjamin on The Late Late Show

Owen Benjamin performed on Friday’s The Late Late Show with guest host Kunal Nayyar. Benjamin came ready with plenty of driving etiquette tips — for one thing, we need to control our monster road-rage impulses, and having only one type of horn isn’t helping matters. Benjamin also has tips for successful traffic merges that pay it forward. Roll the...

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SNL #40.14 RECAP: Host Dakota Johnson, musical guest Alabama Shakes

We’ve known for two weeks now that not only was Dakota Johnson hosting, but that we’d have plenty of references to her starring role in the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey. Johnson mentioned it during #SNL40, and all of the promos leaned on the source material’s S&M/T&A. I cannot help but remember, however, that before this movie, Johnson starred in a lovable yet short-lived FOX sitcom in which she replaced former SNL cast member Abby Elliott. I yearned for any kind of deep-cut reference to the career crossroads of Johnson with Elliott. I would be disappointed. Nevertheless,...

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