Day: March 27, 2015

Andy Woodhull on Conan

Stand-up comedian Andy Woodhull loves his wife. But he cannot arrive on time to a function if he is waiting for his wife first. And as Woodhull explained on Thursday’s Conan, it’s not as if arguing with her or convincing her to change her ways will do any good, because she knows just what to say to outwit him. Or at least confuse him. Roll the...

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DIY for women in comedy = Bad Assery, the first “women and comedy” conference

For the coming three nights and two days, funny women will gather not only to celebrate their various styles of performing comedy but also to share their experiences in making their voices heard — and perhaps most importantly, move the conversation forward instead of rehashing old, already-decided debates about whether women even can be funny. That’s pretty bad ass. Actually, it’s Bad Assery: A Women & Comedy Conference, kicking off with music, storytelling and stand-up comedy shows tonight at Littlefield in Brooklyn. More stand-up, sketch, music and podcasting follows Saturday night at Littlefield and Sunday night at The Bell...

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George Carlin portrait added to The Smithsonian museum gallery wall

George Carlin today has his own space on the wall of the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery, and it’s because you wanted to “Recognize” him there. The Smithsonian held an online vote last month among three nominees to hang a comedian’s portrait on the museum’s “Recognize” wall — Carlin, Ellen DeGeneres or Groucho Marx — and voters picked Carlin for the honor. All three comedian portraits already exist in the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery collection, but only Carlin’s made it to the special wall based on the online votes. The caption of the portrait (seen above) reads: (George Carlin (1937–2008)...

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Jason Jones leaves The Daily Show after 10 years

Jason Jones, 43, joined The Daily Show in September 2005, and as Jon Stewart joked while feting Jones on Thursday night — his last as a correspondent — he was the “show’s beefcake” in the beginning. Here’s the show’s tribute to Jones, as broadcast last night on Comedy Central: But Jones, a Canadian by birth, became the show’s truly foreign correspondent, visiting Iran and Russia, among other places. His trip to Iran helped inspire the 2014 film Rosewater, which Stewart directed, wrote and took time off two summers ago to shoot. Jones also became a father three times during...

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Of course Jason Alexander is replacing Larry David on Broadway

Toupee or not toupee. That is the question. Whether or not you’re surprised at the news that Jason Alexander will replace Larry David on Broadway this summer in David’s play, Fish in the Dark — you’re not surprised, how could you be surprised, seriously, since Alexander’s most famous role came playing a fictional version of David in Seinfeld — now you’ll get to see it happen again. It's official! I will take over for my pal, Larry David, in his Bway hit – FISH IN THE DARK, starting June 9. Hope everyone will come. — jason alexander (@IJasonAlexander) March...

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