Day: March 11, 2015

Will Ferrell to play for 10 MLB teams in one day for HBO/Funny or Die special to raise money for cancer research, programs

The last time Will Ferrell starred in an HBO special, he was lampooning former President George W. Bush on Broadway. On Thursday, Ferrell will be pretending to be something he’s not once more for HBO, but this time, it’s for a very good cause — in partnership with Major League Baseball and produced by Funny or Die, the comedian and actor will take the field at five different spring training games in Arizona, playing 10 different positions and wearing 10 different uniforms, all to raise money for organizations that fight to end cancer. #FerrellTakesTheField will chronicle the action live...

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Monty Python will appear at 2015 Tribeca Film Festival to introduce new doc plus 40th anniversary of “Holy Grail”

It’ll be Christmas in April! All of the surviving members of Monty Python — John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones and Michael Palin — will come to New York City in April to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Monty Python and the Holy Grail as well as the international premiere of the 90-minute documentary, Monty Python — Meaning of Live, at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival. Here’s the documentary trailer, which aired on British TV last fall, and went behind the scenes with Python as they prepared for their final live reunion shows last July at The...

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MTV2 launches “Joking Off” with DeRay Davis on April 1, 2015, with a crew of comedy improvisers

The next iteration of MTV2’s meme mashup of Ridiculousness and Failosophy is here, and a crew of comedians is ready to improvise jokes, games and prank calls in the new comedic game-show series, MTV2’s Joking Off, which premieres this April Fool’s Day at 11 p.m. Eastern/Pacific, hosted by DeRay Davis. Here’s the trailer. Roll it! “Everyone should watch MTV2’s Joking Off because you need it in your life – you’ll be empty without it,” Davis said. “It will fill your funny void. It’s like the sugar in your Kool-Aid.” “This show celebrates the most ridiculous aspects of social media,”...

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A How To Guide for Doing Your Own DIY Stand-Up Comedy Tour

This essay originally appeared on Ron Babcock’s website and is reprinted here by his request and with his permission. A LONG BUT BY NO MEANS DEFINITIVE “HOW TO GUIDE” FOR DOING YOUR OWN DIY STANDUP TOUR Hello, my name is Ron Babcock and I’m a comic in LA. Last year I went on a coast-to-coast tour for three months. I hit 34 cities, did 82 shows and drove 12,023 miles in a 1975 Mercedes Benz named Harvey. (If you want to see photos, search #benzit on instagram) I also made money. Well, I broke even. But when you’re doing...

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GSN orders new comedian-based game show, Lie Detectors, hosted by Rove McManus

GSN, the Game Show Network, announced Tuesday during its annual Upfront presentation that it has ordered a brand-new game show hosted by and starring comedians, Lie Detectors. Rove McManus will host, and contestants from the audience will face off against three comedians to determine which of the three is telling the truth about an outrageous fact. Fastest winning audience members will get to play for the big cash prizes. Consider it a modern-day update and equivalent of To Tell The Truth and parlor games Balderdash and Two Truths and a Lie — only with comedians testing your ability to...

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