Day: March 3, 2015

Cathy Ladman on The Late Late Show

If the Jews supposedly run show business, then how Jewish is too Jewish to get your TV show pitch through the Hollywood system? That’s a valid question for Cathy Ladman, as she explained on Monday’s episode of The Late Late Show with guest host Drew Carey. One thing we all can agree on: Free food samples are great, but the privilege should not be abused, especially by people in front of us in line. Ladman also has a proposal for the airline industry to allow for other definitions of a “family emergency.” Roll the...

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Cristela Alonzo on Conan, and on her last TV role before “Cristela”

Cristela Alonzo has a bone to pick with the folks at Lululemon, because they don’t seem to make workout clothes for her bones to fit in, which means she has to work out extra just to afford their workout clothes! As Alonzo explained on Monday’s Conan, perhaps the arguments we make about the food we eat isn’t helping matters. Roll the clip! Alonzo also sat down for a short panel talk with Conan O’Brien, recalling how far she has come even just from the TV role she had on Sons of Anarchy before landing her own ABC sitcom named...

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Marlon Wayans comedy/variety series coming summer 2015 to NBC

Last summer, Marlon Wayans presided over a comedy competition on TBS called Funniest Wins. This summer, this Wayans brother is headed to broadcast network TV on the same channel his older brother Keenen Ivory Wayans is seen on as a judge for Last Comic Standing. No contest. No, really. No contest. I Can Do That! is the working title for six hourlong comedy/variety episodes coming to NBC in summer 2015, hosted and starring Marlon Wayans along with dancer and choreographer Cheryl Burke, superstar recording artists Joe Jonas, Nicole Scherzinger and Ciara, national standup comedian Jeff Dye and actor Alan...

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truTV orders “Those Who Can’t” series from The Grawlix for 10-episode debut season

Those who can’t succeed on a newfangled streaming TV service should go back to the drawing board and try regular cable TV instead. It worked like a charm for Denver-based comedy trio, The Grawlix, who just received a 10-episode series order from truTV for their sitcom, Those Who Can’t, which stars comedians Adam Cayton-Holland, Andrew Orvedahl and Ben Roy as high-school teachers in Denver. “Well the cat is out of the bag: we’re making a TV show! Congrats Ben Roy and Andrew Orvedahl. Let’s do this thang!” Cayton-Holland exclaimed today. Roy went even bigger with an all-caps declaration of...

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Jon Stewart visits WWE’s Monday Night RAW, kicks Seth Rollins in the balls

The “feud” between Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart and the WWE’s Seth Rollins came to a head Monday night on the pro wrestling’s live RAW telecast, as Rollins mocked Stewart with a fake “Daily Show” set, only to have the satirical news anchor show up and kick him right in the balls. After roasting him better than Rollins had tried to roast Stewart. You can just go ahead and cross Rollins off the list he already wasn’t on for potential successors to host The Daily Show. And Jon Stewart says he cannot act. Roll the...

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