Day: February 20, 2015

George Lopez goes undercover as a lowrider Lyft driver for charity

And now for something completely different, here’s a video of George Lopez offering unsuspecting Angelenos mustache rides. Well, technically, they’re the pink mustache rides of Lyft, and Lopez showed up in a lowrider to help raise money for the LA Unified School District. In addition, you can get flown out to Los Angeles and go lowriding for fun with Lopez through Hollywood by participating in a raffle ($10 for 100 entries) through the Omaze fundraising platform. All the fundraising information and raffle contest rules are here for Lowriding with Lopez. Meanwhile, cue up the George Lopez theme song and...

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Tom Papa on The Late Late Show

Tom Papa popped up near the end of Lauren Graham’s episode guest-hosting Thursday night’s edition of The Late Late Show on CBS, and Papa enjoyed telling us how you and I and even he are living such different lives from the super-rich. Which is super-rich in itself, since Papa is super-good friends with one of the rare one-percenters who are comedians in Mr. Jerry Seinfeld. Of course, Graham called Papa over to the couches and they reminisced about a time they both spent with Seinfeld in Las Vegas, and how Seinfeld didn’t quite seem to recall Graham’s presence later,...

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Appreciating Harris Wittels, Without Getting Too Much Into A #Humblebrag #RIP

The first time I met Harris Wittels, he was all of 21, and baring it all onstage at a naked comedy show. The next time I saw Wittels, he was a New Face at Montreal’s prestigious Just For Laughs festival. The third time? It could have been any number of places, and it doesn’t really matter which, because this isn’t about me, and even if I try to keep humblebragging about my associations with the young comedian, he never would have given me the satisfaction of bestowing me with a #humblebrag. By now, anyhow, he’d long moved past that...

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The only thing you needed to see in the “Two and A Half Men” series finale

Two and A Half Men wrapped its 12th and final season on CBS tonight with a two-part hourlong episode, and you could have, should have, would have just skipped ahead through the closing credits to get to the most/only important thing. Sorry Ashton Kutcher. Sorry Jon Cryer. Sorry other kid who grew up to be a half-man who turned religious and fled the show. Sorry, not sorry, Charlie. Creator Chuck Lorre had the final word on Charlie Sheen and himself with his end credit vanity card. #491 for Chuck Lorre Productions Reed it and weep. Because it would have been...

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