Day: February 4, 2015

The 40th season Saturday Night Live cast interviews each other for Gotham Magazine

A lot of 40th anniversary of Saturday Night Live packages are rolling out this month in anticipation of the big SNL40 broadcast on Feb. 15, 2015. Gotham magazine just posted a great series of photos where the current cast cleaned up rather nicely, and during the proceedings, the magazine managed to shoot some video and get the cast members to interview each other. Here are my favorite passages from those exchanges. Kyle Mooney: What do you like most about the city? Cecily Strong: I have two favorite things: jaywalking and eavesdropping. That’s real freedom. Kenan Thompson: What has been your favorite moment...

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Gary Gulman filming a new stand-up concert film with Apostle

Gary Gulman announced today he’s filming a new one-hour stand-up special — his third — and You’ll Get Over It will be an independent concert film produced by Denis Leary and Jim Serpico’s Apostle. Serpico, Leary, Gulman, Bobcat Goldthwait and Maureen Taran serve as Executive Producers. “Sweet announcement,” indeed. Last year, Apostle shot Robert Kelly: Live at the Village Underground, which premiered at film festivals before appearing on Comedy Central last month. Gulman’s new special may go the same route. Or not. Who knows? Ah, the suspense! One thing’s for certain: You can see Gulman tape this new hour March...

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Darrin Rose on The Late Late Show

In case you missed it, Darrin Rose crossed the border from Canada to Los Angeles this week to perform on The Late Late Show, guest hosted by Sean Hayes. Rose bought his mother an eHarmony account as a gift since she’s single again, but that hasn’t quite worked out like she or even he had hoped. Hayes made sure to ask Rose all about it afterward. Roll the...

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Ari Shaffir on Conan

If you think the people who review everything on Yelp are weird, then what do you make of the people who review online pornography videos? Ari Shaffir delivers his own take on the subject, in this stand-up performance on Tuesday night’s Conan. Roll the clip! Four-and-a-half stars! Much better than a camping trip, mushrooms or no shrooms. Ninety-nine people...

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Friends: Rebooted for the Millennial Selfie Generation, by Nerdist

Seinfeld has been updated and parodied for today’s times and technology thanks to Twitter (@SeinfeldToday) and (@Seinfeld2000). But what about that other Must-See TV sitcom of the 1990s? Friends uploaded all of its history onto Netflix this year, but how would Friends be portrayed in this year of 2015? Created by Andrew Bowser and Ben Mekler, Nerdist Presents: Friends Rebooted imagines an eclectic group of Millennials who share a common love of their selfies and their cell phones. With a remix of the original theme song by The Rembrandts covered by Freddy Scott. Roll the...

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