Day: January 22, 2015

Michael Kosta on making “Comedy For Attractive People”

Michael Kosta’s time as a New Yorker was short-lived, as he moved back to Los Angeles last fall after Fox Sports 1 pulled the plug on Crowd Goes Wild, the live sports talker Kosta co-hosted with Regis Philbin. But one year was enough to have an impact on Kosta’s comedy. “I definitely feel like I’m a better stand-up,” he told The Comic’s Comic. “I’ve seen more. I’ve experienced more. The stand-up in New York is amazing. There’s an edge to it that’s not here.” And before you think he’s playing into tried-and-true notions of how Los Angeles comedy compares...

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CBS adds Whitney Cummings to The Late Late Show guest host schedule

Remember when CBS announced two months of guest hosts for The Late Late Show to kick off 2015 and couldn’t seem to find a single woman capable enough to carry out the duties by herself? Well, consider that rectified. Whitney Cummings is a new addition to the guest-host rotation, taking over The Late Late Show next Wednesday and Thursday (Jan. 28-29, 2015). Cummings has both the experience — hosting the weekly talker Love You, Mean It on E! in 2012-2013 — and the CBS synergy, as co-creator of Eye Network sitcom 2 Broke Girls, now in its fourth season....

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ICYMI: The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore proclaimed Bill Cosby’s guilt

The second episode of The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore on Comedy Central took off the gloves, “Kept it 100” as Wilmore wants us to turn into a catchphrase, and left no doubt that Wilmore believes Bill Cosby is guilty of serial rape of dozens of women over the past four decades. As Wilmore said near the top of Tuesday night’s show: “The better question is: Why aren’t people listening to these women?” Wilmore’s correspondent, Mike Yard, also joined in the chorus of public opinion against Cosby’s tone-deaf defense, specifically citing how the Cos has handled hecklers during recent...

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