Day: December 24, 2014

Review: Bill Burr, “I’m Sorry You Feel That Way” (Netflix)

His latest stand-up comedy special eschews color, either literally onscreen or indirectly via color commentary cutaway shots of the audience. Bill Burr’s ā€œIā€™m Sorry You Feel That Way,ā€ new this month to Netflix, is a stark black-and-white production. Look at Burr. Hear what he’s telling you. Watch as he acts out and emotes in a more joyous way than perhaps ever before. It’s not quite his own 50 shades of gray, although you may find yourself enjoying it so much you want to tell all your friends to dig in, too. Or you may just want to rent a...

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Review: Pauly Shore Stands Alone (Showtime)

Not even Pauly Shore‘s fans were prepared for how good this new film is. A quarter-century after “The Weasel” popped on MTV and more than a decade after he stopped becoming a reliable box-office star, Shore spent much of his personal and professional capital making light of his status through multiple mockumentary TV series, specials and movies. He finally drops the facade in his latest documentary, Pauly Shore Stands Alone, which debuted this month on Showtime. Pauly Shore Stands Alone lets us know what it’s really like to be the young son of the Shore family, caring for an...

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Jerry Seinfeld on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Festivus 2014

Jerry Seinfeld spent his Festivus with the rest of us Tuesday night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. And as is his wont, Seinfeld used his first five minutes to deliver a stand-up set. This selection is from a routine he’s been working on about how all of the things we buy eventually become garbage. Making shopping fun, just in time for Christmas gift-giving! Roll the clip! And someone please mash-up this clip with George Carlin’s routine about “stuff,” and then somewhere between Carlin’s stuff and Seinfeld’s things to garbage, maybe you’ll declutter your own life. Or...

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