Month: November 2014

Seth Rogen’s Jewish-Canadian-American Thanksgiving, animated for Funny or Die

Poor Seth Rogen. He’s Jewish and Canadian, which means he doesn’t get to celebrate Thanksgiving. Wait. That’s not right. That cannot be right, can it? Somebody tell Rogen the good news, please! In the meantime, here is an animated short starring and written by Seth Rogen talking about how his family didn’t quite celebrate Thanksgiving like your family did. Roll the...

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ABC gives rookie sitcom “Cristela” full-season order in same week Alonzo releases first stand-up CD

Amid all of the carnage of cancelled rookie sitcoms this fall, finally some good news, and it’s for a stand-up comedian sitcom, as ABC has granted Cristela Alonzo’s Cristela a full-season order. Congrats to all of our #Cristela cast and crew for a full-season pickup! — Cristela (@CristelaABC) November 25, 2014 The only other rookie sitcom on primetime network TV this fall to receive a “back-nine” order: Blackish, also on ABC. NBC’s Marry Me earned a five-episode extension from its initial 13-episode launch. The other new sitcoms all halted production at 13 episodes and/or already are off...

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“More Gauze,” a tribute to Mike Nichols by Cathy Ladman

This story begins when I was about 8 years old, as most of my stories do. That is the year that I became captivated by comedy. My parents’ record cabinet is where it really all began for me. I listened to everything they had, mostly Broadway cast albums of “Funny Girl,” “Mame,” “Cabaret;” Rosemary Clooney; Danny Kaye. I loved those albums, but the comedy albums were what really spoke to me, and the best of them was, “Nichols and May Examine Doctors.” This was the one that put it over the top for me. I want to assume that...

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FX’s first promos for The Comedians with Billy Crystal and Josh Gad

These first five promos for FX’s The Comedians don’t really tell you much about plot or character development, but they do let you know that stars Billy Crystal and Josh Gad are, indeed, comedians. In a new series about comedians. Making a comedy show. And since it’s about comedy, some of it is quite meta. Actually, it’s all meta from here. Coming in 2015. Roll the...

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