Day: November 20, 2014

Key & Peele’s director Peter Atencio on his favorite Key & Peele sketch: “Aerobics Meltdown”

Last night’s episode of Key & Peele featured a dark satirical sketch that opened with the words: “Everything you are about to see is true.” It then takes us back to the 1987 “Jazz Fit Champonship” where the two finalists, Flash and Lightning, receive some life-and-death information during their already sudden-death dance-off. Like much of what makes Key & Peele a critical hit for Comedy Central, this “Aerobics Meltdown” sketch is not only tightly-written and perfectly executed, but also and perhaps more importantly, produced with such visual flair that each sketch with Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele plays out...

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Amy Schumer remembers Joan Rivers at the 2014 Glamour Women of the Year Awards

When Amy Schumer recorded her first stand-up special for Comedy Central in 2007, she said she had to fight with the cable network’s censors over a joke that implied her friend had had an abortion. Only afterward did she realize Joan Rivers had managed to tell a similar joke about abortion without saying the word on network television — NBC’s The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson — some three and a half decades earlier. Rivers, who died suddenly earlier this year, inspired so many comedians. Women, in particular; Schumer, especially. “Now I’m not going to say how big of...

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Jim Gaffigan on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Jim Gaffigan was a late addition to Wednesday night’s Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, but Gaffigan had plenty of jokes at the ready. It always helps to sleep with your writing partner. It’s his wife. Don’t worry. Gaffigan will explain it to you, and also let you know that there’s so much his wife has committed to memory. Mostly all of the stupid things he has done. Roll the...

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Forrest Shaw’s TV debut on Conan

Forrest Shaw has grown “taco tits” since moving from Miami to Los Angeles, thanks to all of the food trucks. No thanks to organic food, which is too expensive. As he notes: “Why does organic food cost more? Don’t they do nothing to it?” And yet, as he explains on his TV debut as a comedian on Wednesday night’s Conan, it’s not as if his health insurance will help, either. Roll the clip. Go deeper into Forrest with his new CD, “Mr....

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RIP Mike Nichols, EGOT-winning director and comedian

Mike Nichols, the celebrated comedian and director who achieved the rare feat of winning Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony Awards in his lifetime, has died. Nichols was 83. His death was announced this morning by the president of ABC News. Nichols had been married for the past 26 years to ABC News anchor Diane Sawyer. He first burst into our collective consciousness via another professional partnership, as one-half of the brilliant duo Nichols and May, with Elaine May. Nichols and May discovered their witty repartee as members of The Compass Players in Chicago in the 1950s. But first he...

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