Day: November 10, 2014

The night Bill Cosby learned No Memes No #CosbyMeme

Today’s lesson: SMH not only stands for Shaking My Head, but also Social Media Hell. Which is where comedy legend Bill Cosby found himself Monday night when his Twitter feed suggested, whether naively or cavalierly, “Go ahead. Meme me!” With a link to a #CosbyMeme generator and suggestion box that told fans: “After generating your meme, it will be submitted for review. Upon approval, you’ll receive an email containing a link to your #CosbyMeme By clicking “submit”, you agree to the terms of use.” Yeah. Well. Go figure. Plenty of people jumped on the meme both on his site and directly on...

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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver proves it belongs with all-star first-season finale salmon cannon salute

TV networks may still use Nielsen ratings as their primary measuring stick for how successful their programs in gaining viewers and selling advertisements. But Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is on HBO, where such ratings are even less reliable and relevant than they are for the broadcast networks. So less so that HBO and Last Week Tonight made a specific effort to make much of the first season available almost immediately on YouTube to anyone, regardless of whether they subscribe to the pay-cable net. By that marker, Oliver’s first season already was a huge success. More than 1...

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