Month: October 2014

Hulu gets into original sitcom programming, orders 10 episodes of Jason Reitman’s “Casual”

As Netflix and Amazon have gotten into the game of programming original sitcoms and dramas alike, Hulu has been dipping its toes into the water, relying mostly on distribution of newly-acquired content or animation and parody. Hulu has added to the fray today, ordering up a straight-to-series 10-episode order of Casual, a single-cam pitch from filmmaker Jason Reitman and Lionsgate Television. No cast announcements yet. Reitman will direct the first episode. Zander Lehmann will write it. Casual will focus on a dysfunctional family with a bachelor brother and his newly divorced sister who help each other navigate the dating...

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All-star comedy and music benefit for Doctors Without Borders relief in West Africa

The Ebola epidemic may have only begun to hit New York City and America, but NYC is fighting back with a fund-raiser. Specifically, a collection of New York comedians and musicians are putting on a benefit show — Nov. 19, 2014, at Irving Plaza — with all of the proceeds going to MSF International. MSF stands for Medecins Sans Frontieres, translated from French as Doctors Without Borders. Dr. Craig Spencer had volunteered with Doctors Without Borders, working with Ebola patients and catching the virus before returning to NYC. Spencer is currently being treated in isolation at Bellevue Hospital. Meanwhile,...

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Bill Murray Stories told around a campfire become downright spooky

Bill Murray Stories are so crazy and bountiful that of course there’s a website catering to them. He’s such an eccentric icon, that Bill Murray. So funny. So fun. So lovable. But what if you told those same stories at night around a campfire, in hushed tones? Downright spooky! Just in time for Halloween. As Murray himself is wont to say, or so the legend goes: “No one will ever believe you…” Roll the clip! \ Written by Jon Bershad. Directed by Ed Mundy Cast: David – Jesse Neil Alice – Lisa Kleinman Rick – Jon Bershad Will –...

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New York Times showcases comedians who use race to inform their humor in “Off Color Comedy” series

The New York Times launched a new video profile series this week called Off Color, highlighting and showcasing comedians and comedic performers who use humor and their own racial/ethnic backgrounds to inform their social commentary onstage. Featured in the series: Hari Kondabolu, stand-up comedian Kristina Wong, performance artist Issa Rae, online star of “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl” Lalo Alcaraz, comedian and creator of the comic strip “La Cucaracha” The links above go to print interviews with each of the performers. Below are video interviews with quotes and jokes… Hari Kondabolu: “It’s lonely to deal with racism, and not have...

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Hannibal Buress and The Lucas Brothers get out the vote

Less than a week before Election Day here in America, and while it might not seem as frighteningly entertaining as Toronto’s mayoral election just was or as deadly serious as elections are elsewhere around the world, your local ballot includes a decision on who’ll represent you in the House of Representatives in Congress — as well as perhaps your U.S. Senator, other state and local officials, initiatives and referendums. And some of those decisions will affect you far more directly than whomever occupies the White House ever will. So to remind you to VOTE, here are two new video...

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