Day: October 22, 2014

Gary Gulman on Conan

The “Greatest Generation” won a world war, had to drink pulp in their orange juice and couldn’t download a book into their hands within seconds. So how great were they, really? One of my faves, Gary Gulman, performed on Tuesday’s Conan and put all of that and some more technological changes in proper perspective. You can catch Gulman on tour across the country this fall. Roll the...

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Laughs renewed for four more Saturday nights on FOX

This won’t be the last week you’ll be seeing Laughs on your TV late on a Saturday night. The stand-up showcase created by Steve Hofstetter is wrapping up a 13-week tryout in 11 FOX TV markets nationwide (airing at midnight Saturdays in New York City and Los Angeles up against Saturday Night Live, and various other weekend slots in the other markets). But Hofstetter revealed over the weekend that he’d earned a four-episode extension, or through Nov. 22, 2014. And he told fans via social media, “If we up ratings by 10%, we can all but guarantee full renewal.” He’s...

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Total Riff Off: RiffTrax returns to TV with more National Geographic Channel primetime specials

National Geographic enjoyed having the guys from RiffTrax take over their cable TV airwaves on April Fool’s Day that they’ve invited Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett back for two more RiffTrax Total Riff Off specials to air in primetime this December. RiffTrax told The Comic’s Comic the good news today. Before they were RiffTrax, of course, Nelson, Murphy and Corbett were known to TV viewers as the farewell cast of MST3K. You can get a flair for the flavor of what they’ll do for National Geographic Channel by checking out their three April Fool’s commentaries, or...

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Bill Burr expands Netflix relationship with new animated series, “F Is For Family”

Bill Burr already has a new stand-up special (I’m Sorry You Feel That Way) coming in December to Netflix. For 2015, Burr’s upping the ante with F is for Family, a six-episode animated series Netflix announced today. It’s created by Burr with Michael Price, and based on Burr’s stand-up, flashing back to a family in the 1970s. Burr will voice the family’s father, Frank Murphy. Other voices in the cast will include Laura Dern as Frank’s wife, Sue, and Justin Long as the oldest son, Kevin. Price will serve as showrunner, while he and Burr are joined as executive producers...

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Hari Kondabolu’s final solution for the NFL’s team in Washington to be more accurate Redskins

Want the debate over the racist Washington Redskins name and logo to end peacefully? So does everybody else! Hari Kondabolu has an intriguing solution. Keep the name. Change the logo to make the name accurate. Thank Brian McCann for undergoing the sunburn, and Upworthy for uploading the video. Now it’s your turn. Submit your own #NewRedskinsLogo and Tweet it to @Redskins. Roll the...

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