Day: October 13, 2014

“The Origin of Blackbird,” from Bob Odenkirk’s “A Load of Hooey (Book Excerpt)

Bob Odenkirk has written a new book that’s literally “A Load of Hooey.” That’s the title of it. The former writer for Saturday Night Live, The Ben Stiller Show, Mr. Show with Bob and David, mentor to Tim and Eric and The Birthday Boys, and star of the upcoming Breaking Bad prequel, Better Call Saul, Odenkirk has unleashed a new collection of short stories, essays, screenplays, monologues, reimagined history and more. A Load of Hooey includes such works as “Martin Luther King, Jr’s Worst Speech Ever,” “Hitler Dinner Party: A Play” and “Obituary for the Creator of Madlibs.” This...

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SNL #40.3 RECAP: Host Bill Hader, co-host Kristen Wiig, musical guest Hozier

Nothing screams SNL is in a transition year than quickly bringing back its former stars to host — Andy Samberg led the 39th season finale in May, a year after his final episode as cast member, and now here in the third episode of the fall, all-time great Bill Hader is back to remind us of what Saturday Night Live used to be oh-so-not-long-ago. But that’s not all! We’ve also thrown in Kristen Wiig and one of her least adorable recurring characters, too! And yes, there will be Stefon. Let’s get to the recap. Kim Jong Un Cold Open:...

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My Pod Week: Week ending 10/12/14

Mike Flinn (@realmikeflinn) isn’t just a podcast producer and engineer; he’s also an avid fan of the form. “My Pod Week” recaps and reviews the many varied comedy podcasts Flinn listened to or attended live tapings of during the previous week. Enjoy! WEIRD ADULTS with LITTLE ESTHER (68 – Gabe Liedman) Esther Povitsky is an actress and stand-up comedian living in Los Angeles. Her podcast chronicles reluctant adulthood and a working life in comedy. Weird Adults is honest, naturally funny, and a refreshing break from the caricatured personas that are locked in a shouting match for the top of...

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NYPD arrests audience member during UCB comedy show, heckles Adam Newman onstage

What if you’re heckled onstage while you’re taping your late-night submission for Conan, only it’s not a heckle but a profane order from an NYPD officer to “shut the fuck up” because cops are arresting an audience member? Do you shoot down the heckler? Obviously not. Do you try to duplicate the set for Conan? Better question! While we await the answer to the latter, here’s Adam Newman explaining the backstory. The incident went down at a recent showcase at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City, where Newman was hoping to put a five-minute stand-up set...

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Betabrand employs comedians and comedy writers to model 2014 fall fashion collection

San Francisco-based online fashion retailer Betabrand launched its spring line with models who held PhDs. For its fall collection, Betabrand has lined up 14 funny women, plus an original design modeled by Margaret Cho and voted upon by shoppers. Betabrand founder Chris Lindland thinks it’s a smart strategy, literally and metaphorically. “We’re building our brand around smart women, so it only makes sense to start with doctorates and smart alecks,” Lindland said. The retailer’s fall campaign relies on both stand-up comedians, hosts and comedy writers. In addition to Cho, Betabrand recruited Anna David (AfterPartyPod), Brenda Hsueh (How I Met Your Mother), Kay Cannon...

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