Day: September 29, 2014

Walmart blames Tracy Morgan, Ardie Fuqua, Jeffrey Millea for not wearing seat belts in fatal NJ Turnpike crash

From the hours immediately following the fatal crash along the New Jersey Turnpike in June that killed one comedian (“Jimmy Mack”) and critically wounded three others — Tracy Morgan, Ardie Fuqua and Morgan’s assistant, Jeffrey Millea — Walmart said it’d do everything to settle the matter quickly and smoothly. Bill Simon, president and CEO of Walmart U.S., released a statement a couple of days after the crash: “This is a tragedy, and we are profoundly sorry that one of our trucks was involved. The facts are continuing to unfold. If it’s determined that our truck caused the accident, Walmart...

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Carla Rhodes and her ventriloquist dummy, Cecil Sinclair, on CBS Sunday Morning

Bill Geist traveled to the Vent Haven ConVENTion in Kentucky this year for CBS Sunday Morning, and of the 575 ventriloquists on hand — and dummies in hand — Geist focused his spotlight on Carla Rhodes. Oh, and of course, a few moments with multi-millionaire global ventriloquist star Jeff Dunham. Roll the clip! You can see Carla’s new webseries with Cecil, “The Plight of Cecil.” If you like it, be on the lookout for a fund-raiser to help her produce the rest of the...

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My Pod Week: Week ending 9/28/14, live from the LA PodFest!

Mike Flinn (@realmikeflinn) isn’t just a podcast producer and engineer; he’s also an avid fan of the form. “My Pod Week” recaps and reviews the many varied comedy podcasts Flinn listened to or attended live tapings of during the previous week. Enjoy! This past weekend, Flinn took in the Los Angeles Podcast Festival! He shared his aural travels with The Comic’s Comic in this online diary. FRIDAY 5:45 p.m. — Walking out to my car I see helicopters hovering in the distance over Sunset Boulevard. They appear to be just off the northern edge of my flight path to...

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Andrew Norelli on Late Show with David Letterman

Andrew Norelli was back on the Late Show on Friday night, tanned, rested and ready to tell us what he has learned about the economy from the French. The French smoke a lot, don’t they, still? Smokers in America, meanwhile, have some strange reactions to the rules we’ve enacted toward smokers. Norelli also jokes about including the joys of single living and how it relates to owning a mattress, toothbrushing and more. Roll the...

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