Day: September 26, 2014

Gina Brillon: Pacifically Speaking, presented by Gabriel Iglesias for NUVOtv

Gina Brillon‘s first¬†hour-long stand-up special,¬†Pacifically Speaking, premieres at 10 p.m. ET/PT Saturday via NUVOtv and a little help from Gabriel Iglesias. Iglesias “presents” and introduces Brillon to the audience (it’s the second such special “Fluffy” has presented for NUVOtv), and also cast her in his Fluffy Movie this summer. Iglesias told The Comic’s Comic that he’d previously presented Brillon as part of his Stand-Up Revolution showcase series on Comedy Central (a new season of which starts up Oct. 3), and that the part in his own concert film — in a flashback scene to how and when his parents...

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Transparent: Amazon’s first must-see streaming TV series

It makes for a cute story that Amazon Studios chose to greenlight Alpha House and Betas as its first two streaming TV series. Cute, but ultimately irrelevant. That’s the perception of Amazon’s TV department, because really, when do you ever hear anyone talking up an Amazon series? Netflix has the Emmy cache already. Hulu has buzzy names and ownership collaborations with the broadcast networks. What does Amazon Studios have? Before the online retail giant burned through all of the Greek alphabet looking for answers, it had to deliver a series that viewers absolutely must want to and need to...

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Roy Wood Jr. on Late Night with Seth Meyers

Roy Wood Jr. was looking good Thursday night on Late Night with Seth Meyers! “I lost five pounds,” Wood said, “in 12 years.” Dieting is a good idea, if only the people who came up with diets and diet products were upfront with us about the costs of it all. But Wood joked he has to lose weight because of “fat ass neck,” or as they call it in the medical community, sleep apnea. Please allow him to explain. Roll the...

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James Franco’s “Saturday Night” documentary, now on Hulu Plus

An easy way to rediscover just how much Saturday Night Live has changed in the past two years is to look back four years to James Franco’s documentary, Saturday Night, which premiered at the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival and only now today appears online for the rest of us to watch via Hulu Plus. Even The Comic’s Comic’s footage from that event is grainy and seemingly more archival, as Franco sat with then-cast members Will Forte, Kenan Thompson and Jenny Slate. Only Thompson remains in the cast in 2014 as SNL launches its 40th season. But back to 2010....

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Jerry Seinfeld on Late Show with David Letterman

“I really don’t want to hear what most people want to say.” So sayeth Jerry Seinfeld, 60-year-old gabillionaire comedian, to multi-millionaire TV host David Letterman, on Thursday night’s episode of Late Show with David Letterman. Seinfeld sticks to his tradition of wanting to perform stand-up before sitting down for panel chat, and in this set, he makes plenty of observations about popular sayings he wishes people wouldn’t keep saying — and takes a moment to observe the meta of himself talking on a talk show to do it — after first divulging his dislike of motorists who apply stick-figure...

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