Day: September 5, 2014

Lewis Black on staying ahead of the curve, interacting with fans through his special “The Rant Is Due” shows

You think going back to school is tough for your kids. Lewis Black isn’t happy about it, either. “School’s starting and you’re already behind. I hate this time of year,” Black said on the phone Wednesday with The Comic’s Comic. Even now? Even still? “It’s totally present and I’m 66. I have a pit in my stomach just thinking about it.” Truth be told, Black maintains a healthy cynicism toward it all — the changing of the seasons, the state of our world, and of course, politics. Even when he’s not in a full-on rant that thrills audiences, his...

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Ted Alexandro on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Ted Alexandro returned to The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson for another stand-up performance. This time, Alexandro, reflected on what it’s like to have your friends play matchmaker with just about anyone now that he’s 45 and still single. He also now has several Facebook friends who have died. What do you do about that? After his set, Alexandro received an invite from Ferguson to sit on the panel and chat for a little bit about comedy and his webseries, “Teacher’s Lounge,” which just released its first-season finale this week. Roll the...

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Leslie Jones on Late Night with Seth Meyers

Leslie Jones, a stand-up comedian hired last year to the writing staff of Saturday Night Live, dropped by an adjacent 30 Rock studio on Thursday night to perform on Late Night with Seth Meyers. You’ll find out there’s no such thing as an ordinary booty call with Jones, and that texting might not have been the best invention ever. Roll the...

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Late-night TV talk show hosts, comedians and critics remember Joan Rivers

Almost every comedian I know shared a photo and/or an anecdote about Joan Rivers tonight in the wake of her death at 81, a week after she suffered cardiac arrest and stopped breathing during throat surgery. (Read the obituary of Joan Rivers here) Looking at all of these photos shows just how many lives and careers Rivers had touched just in the past 10 years. How many other comedians have done that, let alone after turning 70?! But considering Rivers legendary and now mythic status as still the only woman to host a network TV show in late-night —...

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