Day: September 3, 2014

“Happy Birthday to my Loose Acquaintance,” by Garfunkel and Oates

Facebook changed the game when it comes to wishing your friends a Happy Birthday, both because now you know when everyone’s birthday is (no excuses if you logged into Facebook), and because now your friends know if you took the 10 seconds to write on their wall to notice they’re a year older. Of course, a lot of Facebook friends are really just “friends.” So here’s a new song from Kate Micucci and Riki Lindhome — Garfunkel and Oates — to celebrate and give you something fresh and new to post and share. It’s called “Happy Birthday to My...

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Behind The Scenes: A full 22-minute preview of FOX’s “Mulaney”

John Mulaney’s new sitcom, Mulaney, is almost upon us. In New York City, billboards and subway ads are everywhere. FOX has put its promotional muscle behind Mulaney. Now it’s up to you, the viewer. To help you make up your mind, check out this special behind-the-scenes preview with clips from the sitcom, starring Mulaney as a fictionalized version of himself, working for a big TV star (Martin Short), living with fellow comics and artists (Seaton Smith, Nasim Pedrad) and friends young (Zack Pearlman) and old (Elliott Gould). “It’s a scary thing, a new show. It’s especially scary when a...

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Brooks Wheelan on Conan

“So, I was just fired from Saturday Night Live.” How’s that for an opening line to your stand-up comedy set on the TV? But wait. Brooks Wheelan followed up that salvo on Tuesday’s Conan with this: “That’s not even the worst thing that happened to me this summer.” Roll the clip to find out...

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Wendy Liebman’s semifinal performance on America’s Got Talent 2014

Wendy Liebman performed Tuesday night in the second semifinal of America’s Got Talent 2014, staying in the competition as a wildcard selection of judge Howard Stern. All of the judges loved Liebman’s stand-up set, which applied her classic pauses and misdirection to material about her husband and what she’s learned about relationships. A lot going on in just a couple of minutes. Heidi Klum, who gave undue over-the-top criticism of Dan Naturman in the first semifinal, complimented Liebman for being relatable. Mel B loved her, too. Howie Mandel gave Liebman a standing ovation. And Stern had the most effusive...

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