Day: September 2, 2014

HBO, Flight of the Conchords getting the band back together?

Flight of the Conchords, the New Zealand duo of Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement, enjoyed a two-season run on HBO in 2007 and 2009. Their two albums released from those seasons both received Grammy nominations, with “The Distant Future” winning the Grammy for Best Comedy Album in 2008. Could Flight of the Conchords be reuniting in 2015? In fact, they already could have done so this year, according to a new interview Clement gave The Guardian to promote his new movie, What We Do In The Shadows. Talk about burying the lede. This is from the very bottom of...

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Joe Toplyn on writing for Leno, Letterman, Chevy and more

For millions of students and teachers, it’s time to go back to school this week. For a handful of lucky comedy students, it’s also the start of a very specialized schooling, as Joe Toplyn leads a new group of would-be TV writers in his Comedy Writing for Late-Night TV class at The PIT. It starts Wednesday and runs for six weeks. If you’re not enrolled, don’t worry: Now Toplyn’s teachings also are preserved in a textbook of sorts, with the publication this summer of his book of the same name. You can read an excerpt of it here. The...

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Ted Alexandro on getting Alec Baldwin for his webseries with Hollis James, “Teacher’s Lounge”

Ted Alexandro began his comedy career as part of a duo, with Hollis James. Two decades later,¬†Alexandro and James are back working together, collaborating on the fun new webseries, “Teacher’s Lounge.” It also reunites them in old familiar roles, with Alexandro teaching music and James as the janitor of a New York City elementary school, where they find solace and surprises in the teachers-only lounge.¬†They successfully Kickstartered their costs for shooting and editing six of their first 10 episodes, and then convinced the new Thundershorts YouTube channel to distribute it. If that’s not impressive enough, consider this: Alexandro also...

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