Day: August 21, 2014

[Sponsored] Check out Comedy Dynamics on Hulu

Sponsored Post: You can go to hundreds or even thousands of places to find a comedian with a Jack Nicholson impersonation. But how many places can you go to find a comedian with a routine about actually crop-dusting Nicholson? One. That’d be, and specifically the Comedy Dynamics page. Comedy Dynamics exclusively uploaded 20 of the great stand-up comedy specials it has produced over the years for free for you to watch anytime you want on Hulu. That ranges from video of Bob Saget’s Grammy-nominated special from 2013, That’s What I’m Talking About, to new efforts from Nick Cannon,...

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Hampton Yount on Conan

Fresh off his performance a few weeks ago at Montreal’s Just For Laughs as a New Face, fresh-faced Hampton Yount made his stand-up debut on Conan Wednesday night. Yount wonders why local TV news anchors use a very specific type of delivery to introduce some stories, lets us know a very key difference between men and women when it comes to online dating, and makes us question just how sweet our grandparents’ stories of falling in love just were. Roll the...

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“Millennial” Alex Edelman lands on Edinburgh Fringe’s shortlist for 2014 awards

The shortlist of nominees for Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Awards from this 2014 EdFringe are out, and among the Brits and Aussies is one young Yank — 25-year-old American Alex Edelman, with his first EdFringe show, “Millennial.” Edelman started performing stand-up and soaking up the scene in Boston while still in high school, then moved to New York City for college and to further his comedy education. Check out a brief clip from Edelman’s show, thanks to our friends at Chortle and Chortle’s Fast Fringe: Here is the full shortlist. Some familiar names to Fringe fans remain popular, too. Best...

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Ranking, watching and surveying the entire catalog of The Simpsons with showrunner Al Jean

Twenty-five years of The Simpsons has passed before our eyes, and it’s about to happen again — all in a row, all at once. The FXX complete marathon of The Simpsons — complete with The Simpsons Movie airing in sequence of when during the series it arrived in cinemas — begins this morning and continues for 12 days. Al Jean, an original member of the writing staff and showrunner since the 10th season (Jean is pictured above at right, alongside Homer Simpson and his creation, animator Matt Groening during promotion of The Simpsons Movie in 2007), offered some thoughts...

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