Day: June 18, 2014

All the cool kids are petitioning Stephen Colbert to hire Dave Hill as his Late Show bandleader

Dave Hill‘s live show tonight in Brooklyn is titled Meet Me In The Bathroom and Tell Me All Your Secrets. Hill’s fans, meanwhile, already are asking everyone to meet online at and tell everyone — specifically and most particularly, Stephen Colbert — via petition to “Hire Dave Hill as band leader of your talk show.” The petition by fan Shawn Setnicky of Manchester Township, N.J., reads: He’s funny, sexy, he can talk his way through any conversation like butter, and he’s one kick ass musician. Sure, you could try and call King Diamond, but that guy’s usually out...

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Jay Leno to receive Mark Twain Prize for American Humor in 2014

Now that he’s retired, Jay Leno can start to reap the rewards of his free time. Perhaps nothing quite as rewarding as the news this morning that The Kennedy Center has named Leno the 2014 winner of the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. “Like Mark Twain, Jay Leno has offered us a lifetime’s worth of humorous commentary on American daily life,” Kennedy Center chairman David Rubenstein in the press release this morning. “For both men, no one was too high or too low to escape their wit, and we are all the better for it.” Leno’s official reply?...

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12-year-old Josh Orlian’s audition for America’s Got Talent

Sometimes you think you know what you’re doing with your career, when all you really needed to do was stick with the dick jokes you first learned when you were 12. This is Josh Orlian, a nice 12-year-old Jewish boy from White Plains, N.Y., who said his all-time favorite TV show is America’s Got Talent. And now judge Howie Mandel knows how great Orlian’s bar mitvah will be this September. Roll the...

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Rachel Butera’s audition for America’s Got Talent 2014

Rachel Butera is having a pretty good year. Butera, 42, moved from New Jersey to Hollywood a few years ago, as she recounts in her audition footage for this season of America’s Got Talent. You may have heard her voice on Howard Stern’s show — and Stern recused himself from voting last night during her AGT audition. You also may have heard Butera’s voice on the FOX ADHD series High School USA! and Golan the Insatiable. For her AGT audition, Butera showed the judges and the audience her impersonations of Wanda Sykes, Rosie O’Donnell, Joan Rivers and more. Roll...

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