Day: June 6, 2014

Last Comic Not Pictured: Reflections from Top 100 #LastComic Season 8 contestant Erin Judge

As I was live-blogging last night’s final installment of “The Invitational” rounds for the Top 100 on season 8 of Last Comic Standing, the math kept nagging at me. I mean, I knew after the two-hour premiere a couple of weeks ago, when they showed 31 comedians, that it’d take so many more weeks to even show partial stand-up sets from each and every one of the Top 100. Which they didn’t do. I tried to make sense of it all, including the peculiar production packages that are being shown online and not on TV, and how that might...

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That time Jerry Lewis wished Joan Rivers were dead, speaking on a SiriusXM Town Hall at the Friars Club

Jerry Lewis sat down this week with Maria Menounos at The Friars Club for a SiriusXM Town Hall that airs today, and wouldn’t you know it, Lewis still has a bone to pick with Joan Rivers after all of these years and decades? Or is a longstanding roast joke? Either way. Lewis opened the rift wide once more by saying: “I always feel bad when somebody passes away. Except if it was Joan Rivers. Then I wouldn’t, no…” “Nooo, you don’t mean that!” Menounos replied. “You do?” Lewis nodded. “That’s the first time I’ve ever made that public statement....

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Beth Stelling on The Pete Holmes Show

Beth Stelling has made choices in her life. We’ve all made choices. You know we all can make choices, right? For Stelling, it’s leaving Ohio, touring the country telling jokes, maintaining a long-distance relationship, and telling really great jokes. This set on Thursday night’s episode of The Pete Holmes Show lays it all out in detail. Free Blizzards on me, Beth! Roll the...

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Joe List on Late Show with David Letterman

Joe List likes to worry. Fortunately, he only has to joke about worrying because this set on Thursday night’s Late Show with David Letterman is fantastic. The kind of set that puts hair on his chest, drops a few pounds on the scale and makes him smile a big smile. Plus, List makes a really solid point about how meditation might not have been the cure for what stresses him out. Instead, just give him more TV credits. That’ll do the trick! That and a power nap. Rest in peace, Joe! Roll the...

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