Day: June 5, 2014

Last Comic Standing, Season 8, “Invitational 4” RECAP

So here we are. The final episode of the “Invitational” rounds for the Top 100, and we still have so many comics out of those 100 to see, meet and hear tell us jokey jokes! How can we fit that all in a single hour? No time for trick questions; only quick questions! Are the people in the photo above our semifinalists? Let’s find out! UPDATED: I went into more detail about some of these people, and even more about people not pictured, in separate analysis for Previously.TV. KARLOUS MILLER (PROFILE PREVIEW, FULL SET, JUDGES COMMENTS, POST-SET CONFESSIONAL) used...

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Marc Maron on processing life for all to see on TV, onstage and online via his WTF podcast

You think you know…but you have no idea. It’s the opening line celebrities uttered on the early 2000s MTV series, Diary. It’s also just as true today, in 2014, for fans and followers of Marc Maron — despite all of the access we think we have to him and his nightly travails as a stand-up comedian, popular podcast broadcaster and star of his semi-autobiographical TV series on IFC, Maron, not to mention his thought process as shared to us via social media in Twitter bites and replies, or Facebook status updates and notes. Or even a Day (or Two)...

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Movie trailer for Matthew Weiner’s “Are You Here”

What if Mad Men’s creator, Matthew Weiner, wrote and directed a comedy film set in the present-day and cast Zach Galifianakis, Amy Poehler and Owen Wilson as his leads? Well, that did happen! You Are Here. No. The name of Weiner’s big-screen directorial debut is Are You Here, and it debuted last year at the Toronto Film Festival. Now it’s coming to a theater or TV screen near you this summer — Millennium Entertainment is releasing Are You Here on Aug. 22, 2014, in theaters and VOD. The film finds Ben Baker (Galifianakis) inheriting his father’s fortune, which upsets...

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16 Amazing Photos (and counting) Why You Should be Watching The Eric Andre Show on Adult Swim

If you haven’t been following Eric Andre’s Instagram feed, then here, please allow me to introduce you to it, and with it, some amazing teases to the production of season three of his bonkers late-night series, The Eric Andre Show, on Adult Swim. You can catch up with the first two seasons of The Eric Andre Show on Adult Swim now or whenever you so choose online. Make it your #TBT or your #FF, or whatever works for one of the other days of the week! And look forward to seeing the following stars of the stage, screen and...

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The Price is Right like you’ve never seen it before: From all 18 camera angles

Before you sit down to watch another episode of The Price is Right this morning, sit back and take a second look at yesterday’s episode of the celebrated game show from all of the angles. That’s right. The show, hosted by Drew Carey, gave viewers a chance to watch the June 4, 2014, telecast on their TVs, and then a second-screen experience streaming on YouTube that showed all-access behind-the-scenes how it looked to produce the episode. From the moment Drew Carey steps backstage — and I bet you never thought of how the stage really looks from his perspective...

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