Day: May 21, 2014

Norm Macdonald’s one-minute audition for “The Late Late Show” on CBS (thanks to Conan)

“This job looks easy,” Norm Macdonald told Conan O’Brien, gesturing to O’Brien’s role behind the desk as host of Conan. “Do you have the chops to do it?” O’Brien asked Wednesday night. “I’ve been studying it like a Jesuit,” Macdonald said of the tasks required to host a late-night TV talk show — which he wants to do, even more so now that the expected job opening at The Late Late Show on CBS remains unfilled as of yet for 2015, after Craig Ferguson vacates it. “And I believe I could do it in one minute!” So O’Brien called...

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The resurgence of road dog Jimmy Shubert: Last Comic Standing and Comedy Underground with Dave Attell

To one generation of comedy fans, he was a plucky kid from Philadelphia — a young gun of Sam Kinison’s “Outlaws of Comedy.” To another, he is a classic, high-energy road-dog headliner. On a recent podcast with his agent, Rich Super, Jimmy Shubert described himself as one of Super’s “very low-maintenance, high-performance act,” which Super quickly seconded. Jimmy Shubert will reintroduce himself as a stand-up comedian once more to fans of all ages everywhere this week — Thursday night as one of 100 auditioning for NBC’s Last Comic Standing, then late Saturday night as the headlining act on Comedy Underground...

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Popcornflix offers new comedy channel

Are you ready for another free streaming comedy channel online? Ready or not, here’s PopcornflixTM. It launched Popcornflix Comedy this week, with a corresponding mobile app that purports to offer free and only free comedy films and specials for your viewing pleasure. The press release includes Trailer Park Boys, Super High Me, Mystery Science Theater 3000 and hundreds of other titles on the menu, including selections from the Troma line. So far online, though, there’s not quite so much to choose from, although there is an original stand-up showcase series to note called “Live at New York Comedy Club.” Up to...

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Mike Recine’s debut on Conan

How about Mrs. Doubtfire sequel? Forget about that. How about that Mike Recine? Here he is from Tuesday night’s show on Conan, making his debut. Funny stuff. Love that joke about his hot teacher getting married and changing her name (do we all have one of those growing up?!), as well as his bit about people and organizations not reacting well to his autistic brother. Those Special Olympics sometimes are special for the wrong reasons. This clip cuts off Recine’s last tag, which makes it even more special. Just for us. Roll the...

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