Day: May 13, 2014

Cinderella Story or DIY Success? Either way, here’s your first look at “Cristela,” coming to ABC on Fridays in Fall 2014

Pilot season doesn’t always make sense, and certainly doesn’t feel like it’s under your control, whether you’re an actor, writer, director or producer. Three months ago, stand-up comedian Cristela Alonzo told The Comic’s Comic that her pilot, based on her own life experiences, “isn’t going forward at ABC for now.” This was Feb. 6, 2014.  “I need to decide what to do next but redeveloping is definitely an option. Just need to decide what I’m in the mood for.” A couple of weeks ago, I saw Alonzo in Austin at the Moontower Comedy Festival, where she was running her...

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FOX hosts a comedy RIOT with host Rove McManus, via Steve Carell and a team of improvisers

First Whose Line is it Anyway? gets a revival courtesy of The CW; then, NBC gets back into the celebrity game-show arena with Hollywood Game Night. What’s next? A full-scale RIOT?! Well, yes, tonight on FOX. That’s the name of the new limited-run summer comedy series, brought to us by Steve Carell, hosted by Rove McManus and performed by a repertory group of improv comedians alongside celebrity guests. With a twist. Or, make that a tilt. The show’s signature set piece: A stage tilted 22 degrees. Here’s your first look at RIOT, which debuts tonight on FOX at 9...

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Ryan Hamilton on Conan

Ryan Hamilton knows what he looks like, you guys. And as a stand-up comedian, Hamilton knows to come out swinging and takes the first shot at himself, and then some, referring to his permanent smile and how it makes him look more like a comedy club logo than an actual comedian. Seeing him do this bit regularly at The Comedy Cellar is an extra-special treat, standing next to that club’s sign onstage. Hamilton also doesn’t drink, and jokes about how his friends sometimes look at him askance — but not for the obvious reason? Great set by Hamilton on...

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Coming in September 2014: An hourlong TV special crossover, “The Simpsons Guy”

At FOX’s Upfronts presentation on Monday, network chief Kevin Reilly confirmed that the long-rumored crossover meeting of Animation Domination stalwarts (and rivals?) The Simpsons and Family Guy would air this September as a special hourlong episode. It’ll be called, simply, The Simpsons Guy. Teaser footage screened showing Bart Simpson and Stewie Griffin on skateboards together, as well as patriarchs Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin brawling in the street. But what will South Park have to say about all of...

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