Day: May 9, 2014

Lily Tomlin and Richard Lewis in Carlie and Doni’s “Gangsta Waitress” music video

After watching the music video for Carlie and Doni’s “Gangsta Waitress,” you may not understand exactly why Lily Tomlin and Richard Lewis are in it. But it landed them here, so there’s that. And Tomlin has played waitress before, both on the big-screen and in real life. So there’s that, too. You’ll have to watch all the way to the end to hear Tomlin and Lewis cut loose on the musical comedy duo of Carlie and Doni, though. Headphones up! Some of these lyrics be NSFW tight, son! This comes to us from Funny or Die. Roll...

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Adult Swim’s 2014-2015 programming includes a Mike Tyson cartoon and a Jack McBrayer-Triumph the Insult Comic Dog buddy comedy

Norm Macdonald and Jim Rash will voice a cartoon series this fall solving mysteries with boxing great Mike Tyson — and that’s not the only odd buddy-buddy series coming this fall and winter to Adult Swim. The late-night bastion of the Cartoon Network unveiled its upcoming programming today (it’ll make a formal Upfronts presentation next week), and it includes the Mike Tyson Mysteries, a live-action pairing of Jack McBrayer with Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, an imagining of Black Jesus in modern-day Compton, a pilot from Jon Glaser about a werewolf hunter, bedtime stories from Tim & Eric and...

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Zach Sherwin does “Flag Roast” and “Aggressive Bee” on Pete Holmes Show

We were treated to a two-song hip-hop set from Zach Sherwin on Thursday night’s episode of The Pete Holmes Show. First up, “Flag Roast.” Look out, Monaco! Your flag is toast. Copied, buttered toast by so many other countries. But which country’s flag will win in a dragon fight: Bhutan or Wales? Whom do you think! And then, flipping it around and putting the rhymes down, it’s “Aggressive Bee.” If you follow Sherwin and Holmes on Twitter, then perhaps you have seen them engage in a Friendly Rap Battle or two? If not, here’s what that looks like when...

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