Day: April 28, 2014

Kat Ramzinski performs at Moontower after being mugged

Tragedy plus time equals comedy. If the tragedy happens to a comedian, is it never too soon? How about, say, 72 hours, then. Exhibit A for Austin: Kat Ramzinski. In the flesh. Ramzinski was mugged and stabbed while walking to her neighborhood grocery store last Sunday night. Four assailants allegedly punched her in the face and slashed her hand, taking her purse. Here’s a local news report from Wednesday’s broadcast of KXAN-TV. And here is how Ramzinski opened her set Wednesday night at the Moontower Comedy Festival. “Yes, I met ‘the one,'” Ramzinski quipped to explain her swollen eye...

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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver’s HBO debut: Toward a more global union of satire

Most everyone has the conventional wisdom backward on John Oliver. If anyone is wishing they could turn back time by about six months, it’s Comedy Central, because Sir John Oliver — I’ll knight him as an honorable servant of Comedy if the Queen Mother hasn’t yet done so — stands as such an obvious choice for the post-Daily Show slot post-Colbert Report that it’s surprising Comedy Central didn’t lock that down when it had the chance. Oliver did move on, however. Not away from TV, but to HBO. And to absolutely nobody’s surprise — presuming everybody paid as much...

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