Day: April 25, 2014

All in the Family: Dennis Miller performs at Austin’s Moontower Comedy Festival

If you’re wondering what Dennis Miller was doing in Austin for the Moontower Comedy Festival on Thursday night, look no further than his younger brother, Rich. Rich Miller is a co-owner of Austin’s Cap City Comedy Club who also books, manages or owns comedy clubs across the country — and is one of the Moontower festival producers. So the festival caught up backstage with the Miller brothers last night. The Millers waxed nostalgic then about moving to New York City together in 1979 to kickstart their individual comedy careers, and about hell gigs back in and around their native...

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Gary Gulman on Late Night with Seth Meyers

Gary Gulman has a way of hitting my comedy sweet spot every time, what with his pop-cultural references and combining the high, low and middlebrows with his six-foot-everything observations on life as it is now and how it was when we were younger. In Gulman’s performance on Thursday night’s Late Night with Seth Meyers, he opens with a Hitler joke that immediately begets beautiful wordplay, before seamlessly segueing into a routine that portrays Christianity in new light as a successful TV or movie sequel to Judaism, then spins it into a play on a popular relationship book of our...

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One night only! Mel Brooks in his first one-man show

Here’s something you’ve been waiting your whole life to see: Mel Brooks performing in his own one-man show. Brooks, 87, will do just that on Monday night in Los Angeles at The Geffen. For one night only. And Mel Brooks: Live At The Geffen already is sold out. Of course. The production was announced only a couple of days ago. As Kevin Salter, a producer on the show, explained to the Los Angeles Times: “What Mel wanted to do was to have a platform to tell some of these great stories that he has in an intimate fashion.” Salter...

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George Wallace ending 10-year run in Las Vegas at the Flamingo

The comedian George Wallace has lived a literal rags-to-riches story. Wallace, 61, had sold rags before moving to New York City and selling ads before one of his clients opened The Comic Strip and invited him to try his hand at stand-up comedy. That led to a career change, a new roommate in Jerry Seinfeld and a fruitful life. Wallace traded The Comic Strip for the Las Vegas Strip, and he’s closing out a 10-year run at the Flamingo this Saturday night. “I’ve been headlining longer than any other African American comedian, and that includes Redd Foxx and Sammy Davis Jr.,” Wallace...

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Is there room in the world for more than one Comedy Playground? Lawsuit against NBC says no

What’s in a name? That depends upon how much the name, and its uniqueness, is worth to you. For me, personally, I have two very common Irish names. Professionally, I use my middle initial as a more unique identifier to separate me from so many of the other “Sean McCarthys” — I have met at least two in the United States who are stand-up comedians; and online, it took more than a little while to settle upon as a domain name after considering several others and finding many of the easier-to-remember options already taken. But this isn’t about...

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