Day: April 7, 2014

Have you seen Jiwon Lee? Columbia dental student, co-founder of 50 First Jokes goes missing

Have you seen Jiwon Lee? Do you know where she is? UPDATED May 4, 2014: Sad news, everybody. Jiwon Lee has died. She was 29. Her body was found Saturday, May 3, in the Hudson River. Police told the New York Daily News that there were no apparent signs of trauma. Friends confirmed her identity Sunday. Her brother, Matt Lee, posted overnight on the family’s GoFundMe page (which previously had raised funds for an investigator to find Jiwon Lee): “Dear Friends, Thank you for your continued prayers, donations, and support. Unfortunately, Jiwon, beloved daughter, sister, and friend has gone on...

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Byron Bowers on The Pete Holmes Show

So what if you’re racially profiled at an art museum? As Byron Bowers explained on Thursday night’s episode of The Pete Holmes Show…perhaps there is a good reason for it. If you use your imagination. Speaking of art, Bowers also reminds us that most great artists have personal flaws. Is that enough to dampen your enthusiasm and/or appreciation for their art? That depends, I suppose, on whether they include a black magician or wizard in said art. You didn’t really see much of that in the “Harry Potter” books or movies, so Bowers fixes that for us. Let your...

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Mickey Rooney in “The Comedian” from TV’s Playhouse 90, live from 1957

Mickey Rooney has died. Rooney, a former child star of the 1920s and 1930s who by 20 was the biggest movie star in the world — in the world! — was 93. Among his many screen credits spanning eight decades, his characterization of TV comedian Sammy Hogarth cut a dramatic swath through the world of comedy in the 1957 live TV production, “The Comedian.” John Frankheimer directed Rooney and the rest of the cast — Kim Hunter, Mel Torme, Edmond O’Brien and others — in a script written by Rod Serling and Ernest Lehman, adapted from Lehman’s novella. It...

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RIP John Pinette (1964-2014)

Say it nay nay. Sad but true: Stand-up comedian John Pinette died Saturday from a pulmonary embolism. Pinette was 50. On Friday, Pinette was on Twitter telling fans to come see him next weekend at the Improv in Ontario, Calif. On Saturday, he was in Pittsburgh for a family wedding. He was found dead in his hotel room. The Allegheny County medical examiner’s office told The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that Pinette had been suffering liver and heart disease and cited natural causes as his death. Pinette’s manger, Larry Schapiro, confirmed that he had died from a pulmonary embolism. The same health...

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Patton Oswalt, “Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time” (CD/DVD)

When Patton Oswalt walked onstage last summer at the Spreckels Theater during San Diego Comic-Con, an adoring crowd receives him with a standing ovation as the tune of The Ettes’ “Crown of Age” thunders through the speakers. “They asked me to pick the most rocking song that you like right now, to walk out. Big energy. Boom! Get it started. So that was The Ettes, doing ‘Crown of Age.’ But I know, no matter how rocking of a song I pick, I know — I know what I look like walking out to the mike. It doesn’t help my ego...

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