Day: March 28, 2014

See Conan O’Brien and Team Coco from all the angles via CONAN360

Conan is a video game for the Xbox 360. CONAN360 is a video app that lets you twirl in and about the stage where Conan O’Brien, Andy Richter and Team Coco film Conan for TBS in Burbank, Calif., seeing it from all 360 degrees. Check it out! You also can experience CONAN360° via the Team Coco app on your mobile phone/tablet: Apple App Store Google Play Now if only you can take this 360-degree view everywhere you go, too. Maybe that’s the Oculus Rift...

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Dave Chappelle playing Radio City Music Hall, first announced NYC gig in almost a decade

Dave Chappelle set ticket-sales records last July at Just For Laughs in Montreal, then crossed the United States in a rollercoaster of an outdoor arena tour that put the oddballs in Oddball Fest. North America went crazy for Chappelle. As did Australia. For almost a decade, though, the only time you got to see Chappelle perform stand-up in New York City was when you were lucky enough to already be at a comedy club when he decided to drop-in as an unannounced special guest. But you cannot go to the Comedy Cellar every night and just hope he shows...

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Nick Kroll, Stanley Cup #Cupnapper, in NBC Sports NHL promotional campaign

Nick Kroll has made fun of Canada plenty before on Comedy Central’s Kroll Show (see Wheels Ontario; Show Us Your Songs, Toronto), but this time he’s taken the nation up north’s ultimate trophy and playing keep away with it. Kroll posted this photo last week of himself in his New York Rangers jersey with the Stanley Cup behind him, guarded by Charlie Sanders. All he wrote as a caption? “Uh oh…” That’s already more to go on than this brand-new video put out by NBC Sports about the Cupnappers. You wouldn’t even know Kroll and his funny friends are...

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Sarah Silverman, new spokeswoman for Orbit Gum

Forget about that Scandinavian “Orbit Girl” with the bright-eyed, brighter-toothed catchphrase to “clean it up” in your mouth. In 2014, you can be naughty and still break up with bad breath. If you’re comedian Sarah Silverman, who debuted as the new spokeswoman for Orbit Gum this month in a new TV ad campaign. Here she is in an office pitch meeting following a one-morning stand with a cup of coffee. That lipstick rim job is a thing of the past. So to speak. Roll it! Question is, though, who is this nice lady playing the same Orbit part for...

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What Happens After Late Night with Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers tells NBC viewers each weeknight to stay tuned for Carson Daly’s even later overnight show, but what really happens at the end of Late Night with Seth Meyers? This cute video imagines how quickly and how radically the inmates take over the asylum that is the Late Night studio on the eighth floor of 30 Rock. Don’t forget your pen. Roll...

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