Day: March 25, 2014

The Office Time Machine: A Cross-Cultural Reference Supercut Spectacular

Joe Sabia is a NYC-based director and speaker, who has co-hosted and co-curated Boing Boing TV on Virgin America for three years. But for the past year-and-a-half, Sabia has been living in the fictional past of Dunder-Mifflin’s Scranton sales office and cross-referencing all of The Office‘s pop-cultural references. The result: Dozens of superfan supercut videos separated by year, in The Office Time Machine. “I created this project to advocate for copyright reform and highlight the importance of fair use in protecting creators and their art,” Sabia writes on the home page. “To prove culture is not only everywhere, but...

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Comedians in Courthouses Getting Cuffed: Lenny Bruce and George Carlin, December 1962

On Dec. 5, 1962, Lenny Bruce was both comedy icon and outlaw at the age of 37. He had played Carnegie Hall and released the recording as a triple-album, and was just beginning to amass a lengthy arrest record, too. On that night, Bruce was performing at the Gate of Horn in Chicago. In the audience, a 25-year-old George Carlin. Back then, Carlin wasn’t using any of the seven words he couldn’t say on TV, just barely beginning his career in front of the cameras himself with characters like the hippy dippy weatherman and impersonations of President Kennedy. No....

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RiffTrax brings a bit of the old MST3K magic to National Geographic Channel on April Fool’s Day 2014

Everything you loved about MST3K is coming back in 2K14, but for three hours only. And only on National Geographic Channel?! Wait. Is this some sort of April Fool’s Day joke? Yes and no. The “Total Riff Off” by RiffTrax is happening from 8 to 11 p.m. April 1, 2014, on the National Geographic Channel. Here. I’ll let the RiffTrax fellas take it from here. “The good folks at National Geographic have taught the world about animals, science, and fascinating cultures for years. Now, in their infinite wisdom, they’ve seen fit to have RiffTrax riffmasters Michael J. Nelson, Bill Corbett, and...

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Todd Barry awards a very special Walgreens, talks “Crowd Work” on Conan

Todd Barry returned to Conan on Monday night to perform stand-up and opened with some prepared material about a certain Walgreens in Chicago that deserves recognition. Even now. Even. Now. Then Barry took to the panel, where he talked with Conan O’Brien about his new crowd work special (produced and sold by Louis C.K. on his site) and showed a clip. Double...

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