Day: February 7, 2014

Everything is Awesome! Tegan and Sara with The Lonely Island’s hit theme to The LEGO Movie

EVERYTHING IS AWESOME! Even and especially this music video for the song of same name — “Everything is Awesome!” — from Tegan and Sara with the boys from The Lonely Island. Roll it! So much positive press for this movie, The LEGO Movie. One TV spot that caught my eye and my fancy featured the voices of the movie speaking about themselves. So here’s that, only more so, as Chris Pratt, Will Arnett, Elizabeth Banks, Will Ferrell and Morgan Freeman voice their characters talking about the making of The LEGO Movie and the actors playing themselves. Who are themselves....

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Judah Friedlander pays off Super Bowl bet to Taran Killam with Times Square apology

Before Super Bowl XLVIII, Taran Killam and Judah Friedlander waged a public bet over the outcome to launch the new Above Average series, “You Bet Your Ass,” in conjunction with FOX Sports. Killam picked the Seahawks. Picking the Broncos meant a sad day for Friedlander as he had to pay up. Paying up meant apologizing in the middle of Times Square by reading a letter Killam wrote for him. But as Killam wrote on Twitter today: “I won! (Not as pleasantly as I had hoped) But suck it @JudahWorldChamp.”¬†Friedlander’s reply? “Did I lose my title? watch video all the...

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Cristela Alonzo: “The Life-Changing NACA Nationals of 2012”

Comedians on the way up in their careers often ply their trade by playing two circuits — there’s the comedy clubs for sure, and then there’s also the college campuses, where you can earn much more stage time and cash to keep working your way up the show-business ladder. NACA — the National Association for Campus Activities — helps bring performers and college student activities coordinators together each year through regional and national conventions. This is how the bread gets buttered. NACA says more than 400 colleges and universities send delegations to NACA Nationals to scout for talent. NACA...

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Jimmy Dunn on Late Show with David Letterman

Big night on late-night TV for guys from the North Shore of Boston. While Andover’s Jay Leno was saying goodbye to the Tonight Show, Beverly’s Jimmy Dunn was saying hello in his network television debut as a stand-up comedian on Late Show with David Letterman. Go figure. This might have been Dunn’s first time on CBS, but might not be the last — he’s in a sitcom pilot that’s got a good chance of making it on the primetime schedule this coming year, and not just because it’s called The McCarthys. But first: A little bit about the Dunns....

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Jay Leno’s final farewell from NBC’s The Tonight Show

“Thank you everybody! Watch Jimmy Fallon! Thanks folks, see ya later. I’m coming home, honey!” — Jay Leno’s last words on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, NBC, Feb. 6, 2014 But before that. Just before that, came this heartfelt goodbye from Leno behind the desk, as he teared up from the very start of trying to put together his final thoughts and thanks for hosting his dream job for most of the past 22 years. “This is tricky,” Leno said, referring to fighting back his emotions. “This has been the greatest 22 years of my life.” “I am...

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