Day: February 6, 2014

Jay Leno’s last night, after the Tonight Show, as imagined by Funny or Die

Tonight is Jay Leno’s second final night as host of The Tonight Show on NBC. Instead of revisiting what happened the first time around, Funny or Die looks forward to what happens next. What would Leno do after wrapping production on tonight’s Tonight Show? Where would he go? What would he do? Funny or Die imagines it truly must be darkest before the dawn. Roll the clip. “Leno’s Last Day,” from Johnny Meeks, DeMorge Brown, Emily Strachan, Ryan Perez, Funny Or Die, Mike Karnell, Tricia Robertson, Chris Mills, Melissa Gould McNeely, Caleb Swyers, and Andrew...

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A word with Daved Wilkins, star of the million-dollar-winning Doritos Super Bowl commercial, “Time Machine”

This is the face of a guy who starred in a million-dollar-winning Super Bowl ad that he and his friends made for Doritos on a $300 budget and the premise that a cardboard box could become a Doritos Time Machine. This is Daved Wilkins. Wilkins is the face of the ad, but the pitch in the Doritos “Crash the Super Bowl” user-submitted TV commercial contest was a team effort, with filmmaker Ryan Thomas Andersen and mutual friend Raj Suri, who co-wrote the script together. Andersen and Suri live in Phoenix; Wilkins used to live in the Valley of the...

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DeRay Davis on The Arsenio Hall Show

It’s Black History Month. What movie are they showing on the flight you’re taking?¬†DeRay Davis says his airplane service wasn’t quite right, as he explained on his stand-up set on Wednesday’s Arsenio. But he wasn’t going to fight about it. And even if he did, how would he use his hands to do so? Apparently, we have different ways of using our hands depending upon our skin color. Anyhow, he certainly wouldn’t hit his daughter — even if she is getting into trouble at school. He has to find more creative ways to discipline his child. Roll the...

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Daniel Sloss on Conan

When is it ever a good time to trot out a pro-drugs message? Not that that’s what¬†Daniel Sloss was trying to do with his performance on Wednesday night’s Conan. Oh, no. Sloss just likes one particular drug, and if you’re up late watching TV, then perhaps it’s the same drug you like, too. Sloss also thinks it’s weird that people argue that one chooses whether or not to be gay, because when he really thinks about it, if he had a choice, there’d be no choice at all. Roll the...

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A year in the life of Brooks Wheelan: Video snapshots

Brooks Wheelan is one of “the new guys” this season on Saturday Night Live. A year ago, he could have been just another of thousands of guys hoping to break out in stand-up comedy. Quite a lot happens and happened between the then and the now of it. And over the past year, Wheelan managed to put a little bit of each day on film. As he tells it: “I filmed a second or so from each day last year. My friend, Rory Scovel, made a similar video in 2012 so I copied him. I picked a very lucky...

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