Day: February 2, 2014

Jerry Seinfeld’s Super Bowl commercial for a “Seinfeld” episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with George Costanza

Turns out the “Seinfeld reunion” filmed in January was exactly what I thought it was: A Super Bowl commercial for a “Seinfeld” episode of the webseries Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. With a push for Acura and a plug for the webseries, only on Crackle on Super Bowl Sunday. Here’s how Jerry Seinfeld, driving a 1976 AMC Pacer, introduced his guest… “I love this car for three reasons. It doesn’t work, looks ridiculous and falls apart. Which makes it the perfect car for my guest today: Mr. George Costanza. George was my best friend for almost every single day...

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Stephen Colbert’s Wonderful Pistachios Super Bowl commercial

Blink and you may have missed it, but Stephen Colbert debuted a series of TV commercial pitches for Wonderful Pistachios during the second quarter of Super Bowl XLVIII. This is what you saw then. Roll it! But there are several more clips already online. So count your blessings as the company asks you to COUNT OUR NUTS! Actually, just watch this one clip of Colbert behind the scenes of shooting his Super Bowl...

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IFC’s Portlandia goes tailgating…for Prairie Home Companion

Portland, Ore., is so close to Seattle, and yet Portlandia is so far away from football. So, obviously, the IFC sketch comedy series starring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein isn’t tailgating for the Super Bowl. But Prairie Home Companion? Now there’s something these two characters can get behind, and party in advance of, as is the case of this new webseries that helps you get in the mood for the fourth season of Portlandia on IFC. Behold, Malcolm and Kris, preparing their Portlandia neighbors for a live broadcast of their favorite NPR radio variety show, “Prairie Home Companion.” When...

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Brooke Van Poppelen on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Brooke Van Poppelen taped her stand-up performance on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson last month, and through the magic of television, it appeared on our TV screens late Friday night and online over the weekend. We got to learn about BVP’s parents, too, in this set, and their love of Facebook. Maybe you should friend them?BVP herself isn’t a fan of what she has learned about herself thanks to social networking. Instead, she’s trying to embrace the true single life by living on her own in New York City! Which is a very necessary step if you want...

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Interview: Stephen Tobolowsky on Groundhog Day, acting and living the dream

“I was able to watch this movie become a cult classic. And then now, I just cross out cult. Because it’s a classic.” Stephen Tobolowsky, talking to The Comic’s Comic last February before introducing a 20th anniversary screening of Groundhog Day at the 92YTribeca in New York City. Today is Groundhog Day all over again, so what better time to look back at my talk with Tobo about that classic film. “In my life, I have spoken to classes on Buddhism, motivational classes — the Oakland Raiders flew me up to Oakland because they used Groundhog Day as a...

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