Day: January 26, 2014

SNL #39.12 RECAP: Host Jonah Hill, musical guest Bastille

Third-time Saturday Night Live host Jonah Hill also celebrates becoming a second-time Academy Award nominee, so how much goodness would that manifest on this particular Saturday night? Wait. Hold that thought. In fact, hold all of your thoughts. Don’t think. It’ll be better this way. There’s still hope for you yet. To the recap! We open cold in full-on Winter Olympics mode. Even though there’s one SNL and almost two weeks to go, it’s never too early for NBC to cross-promote, right? So here we are with a hybrid sketch — taped bits directed by Matt & Oz, but...

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Ellie Kemper guest-hosted The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday

In case you missed it…Ellen DeGeneres was too sick to show up for work for the taping of Friday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, so she called in an Ellie to substitute. Ellie Kemper, as seen on The Office and Bridesmaids, and soon to star in a new NBC comedy this fall thanks to Tina Fey, guest-hosted Ellen’s daytime talker on Friday. It’s the first time DeGeneres needed a guest host in 11 years. Even Kemper wasn’t sure it was real until she was out onstage delivering the monologue. Nope. No prank. No practical joke. And if anyone...

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Pat McGann’s network TV debut on Late Show with David Letterman

Pat McGann, a stand-up comedian from Chicago, made his network TV debut on Friday night’s Late Show with David Letterman. McGann made a quick impression with the audience by letting them know how doing the laundry has dramatically changed his sex life with his life. That, and maybe having two young children. But you probably didn’t get the typical birth announcement out of McGann and his wife. He’ll let you know why. His wife does have a habit of striking up conversations at some of the oddest times, though. Roll the...

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