Day: January 24, 2014

How To Audition For Season 8 of Last Comic Standing on NBC, Without Having Your Agent or Manager Hook You Up

The official NBC Last Comic Standing website is still a few days away from making the leap from 2010 to present-day 2014. But the email line is open now if you want Last Comic‘s producers to consider you for an on-air callback audition! That is, if Gmail is working today… Spoiler alert: It is. Despite what you may have heard/seen earlier, Gmail is up. And bigger SPOILER ALERT! Gmail right now is the only way to be seen by Last Comic producers and bookers. There will be no open casting calls with lines down the street outside of comedy...

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Jay Leno talks 60 Minutes before his second departure from NBC’s Tonight Show

As Jay Leno prepares to say goodbye for a second and final — no, this time, he and NBC really mean it! — to The Tonight Show, Leno sat down with 60 Minutes for an extended interview and profile. And by extended, I mean, we get to see his wife, Mavis, and visit his hometown of Andover, Mass. (which, fun facts, was where my parents lived during much of Leno’s first tenure as host of The Tonight Show), where we’re reminded that Leno “got his comedy start in a talent contest surrounding the promotion of McDonald’s’ Fillet-o-Fish sandwich.” If...

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Comedy Central Records founder and current New Wave Dynamics label manager Jack Vaughn on the Grammys and the art of the comedy record

Jack Vaughn launched Comedy Central Records in 2002 and won four Best Comedy Award Grammys with them. Before then, you pretty much had to have a major record label interested in stand-up comedy to record your headlining act for posterity. And you pretty much had to be a household name for that to happen. My, how times have changed! First with Dane Cook’s multi-platinum releases of “Harmful If Swallowed” and “Retaliation,” then gold and platinum DVD releases to his credit with Nick Swardson, Daniel Tosh, Bo Burnham, Demetri Martin and Jim Gaffigan. Plus all of the hundreds of other...

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Chris Fairbanks on Conan

What are you most afraid of? Heights? Public speaking? Chris Fairbanks has other ideas, and he’ll gladly share them with you, as he did on last night’s Conan. Brushing his teeth doesn’t scare him, but it does scare his roommate. Also, what do you say at the end of the sex-having? That can be terrifying, if you don’t know what you’re doing and/or saying. Maybe you should grab a bowl of soup and sit in front of this video. May I suggest Champbell’s Cunky?! Roll the...

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